Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sizzle and Burn - Jayne Ann Krentz

Genre:Literature & Fiction
Tagline:Very Entertaining Paranormal Romance Thriller

Raine is looking through her late Aunt Vella's house that has been left to her when immediately she makes an unpleasant discovery. She soon finds herself the target of a psychopath and simultaneously gets caught up in a feud between two rival secret organisations, the mysterious J&J and the ruthless and deadly Nightshade, when the über-confident investigator Zack Jones of the former comes knocking at her door.

Raine and Zack share one goal – to find out who really was behind Aunt Vella's death because neither believe she died of a heart attack as supposed. There's immediately a sexual chemistry between the two as they embark on their quest, but their motives are different and J&J's operatives have betrayed her family in the past, so Raine is wary of history repeating itself.

So far, so good – a romance thriller which keeps the reader in suspense as we take a fun, but predictable if a little jerky ride to an inevitable triumph of good over evil. But there is another ingredient here that permeates every fibre of the novel and gives it life, and gives it fire! And that is the paranormal... Raine is sensitive to emotions left behind in objects – they create voices in her head; Zack too, but instead he has visions. Zack also has a rare mirror talent that allows him to anticipate an attack and avoid it, and conversely crowds will part to let him through.

But the enemies have talents too. With talents comes the inner need to use them, with special powers come special responsibilities, and power can easily go to the head. "Burn witch burn," cries the Bonfire Killer, but love triumphs over hate, danger is averted and the history of humanity is re-written. But was it all but a strange dream, entrancing but forgettable? Ooops, the lady Raine heard that as she sits back in the middle of her sofa, arms outstretched, a cat on either side and she gives her characteristic "screw-you" smile. Err... well despite that, it was a fun read, and I think it would make a great movie.