Saturday, 30 June 2012

Does the I Ching tell a Story?

This blog was originally phrased as a question... can you guess what this poem is about? I hinted that this was something in translation, so to think of words in their broadest possible sense, not to deduce things from the terminology used because this is arbitrary. It is in fact the list of hexagram titles of the I Ching! Now that's revealed, I'll change the question...

Does the I Ching tell a Story? (trans. —okei)

Daybreak, earth springs anew.
Waiting, struggling, calling together.
Offers cautious, trust witheld.
Fellowship begets good reward,
Followers spread forest contemplation,
Detractors elegant, sent home.
Unexpected bounty, determines success,
Worst overcome with time.
Pullback, strong charge, wounded.
Family disagreements impede release.
Less, more, breakthrough, betrothal.
Community rises exhausted, relief.
Simplicity, cauldron resonating, stillness.
Gradual homecoming, enough travelling,
Divining joy, overflowing restraints.
Sincerely, worth doing, unfinished.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Valentina Lisitsa

If you've browsed around piano music on YouTube, you've probably come across the name of Valentina Lisitsa. Of Ukrainian birth, living in America, she's been playing piano since the age of three, but unlike most of the other, often younger, YouTube talents, she was never signed to a record label and only came to public recognition because of her networking success, building up a huge following of listeners through her YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts. She has now signed to a record label, and it's wonderful to see her piano dream come true... from YouTube to the Royal Albert Hall!

You can see her full live concert here, but it's expected to be taken down very shortly (officially today), available then on CD and DVD. If any of you are interested, I hope you can catch some of it. I was there:)

Published originally on Buddhist Travellers in 2012.