Wednesday, 23 February 2005

The Last Bell Tolls

Three times they rang
But not a word was spoken
Silent voices sang
And the spell was broken.

—okei (2005)


Sunday, 23 January 2005

Ghost Riders

There it goes again —
And all I hear is the beating of hooves,
The beating of hooves upon the stony ground
And the whistle of the wind that follows
As it rushes over marsh and moor.
For an instant I am with them,
Senses galloping to their din,
Hair billowing — then gone
Forever onwards —
They fade into the night.
Whither to I cannot tell,
Nor fathom reason for such haste.
The earthly stillness swallows them up
And as the dust settles in the starlight,
All returns once more to how it always was.

—okei (23rd Jan. 2005)