Saturday, 28 February 2009

How to avoid the problem of soggy cereal...

Inspired by a question of Maple, an answer by Lexie and by Fire who loves crazy ideas and wanted me to draw something. :^);ylv=3?qid=20090223144724AAUA7YH

I present to you the Duchess Cereal Bowl:

I'll be taking a bit of a break for a week or two, so I might be quiet for a little while.

Friday, 13 February 2009

The First Evening (Arthur Rimbaud)

This is my version of "La Première Soirée" (1870), translated from French. Rimbaud was only 16 years old when he wrote it, and it comes with a juvenile alert...(beep)(beep)(beep), but it's that time of year so I hope you don't mind.

The First Evening

She was practically undressed
And large trees craftily pressed
Their leaves against her windows
Curious and close, so close.

Sat in my large chair, half-naked
She clasped her hands upon her lap
And on the floor, she twitched with pleasure
Her little feet, so dainty and fair.

The colour of wax, I watched
As a flicker of sunlight danced
Across her smile and to her breast
Like a fly upon a rosebud.

I kissed her slender ankles;
She made a laugh, gentle and sharp,
Little tumbles of brightness
Tinkling like a chandelier.

The small feet vanished under her nightie
"Will you stop it!" she scolded,
The first bold move permitted
By the laugh that merely feigned to scorn.

Helpless trembles under my lips,
I kissed her eyes so gently.
She threw her fine head back,
"Ah! my, that's nicer still!

Listen! I have some words for you."
I plunged now to her breast
And in a kiss that made her laugh
True laughter that said yes,

She was practically undressed
And large trees blatantly pressed
Their leaves against her windows
Curious and close, so close.


Passion is like the glow of the sun that burns hot within and without.

Romance is like the sunset; unbelievably beautiful, but sadly transient, though the memory remains forever with us.

Love is like the moon. You can't touch it.

Friends are like the stars that twinkle down upon us. Clouds may obscure them from view, but they are ever present.

—okei (2008)

A Paradigm for Human Endeavour (AIM)

Mind          Heart      BodyAwareness        
            Clarity       Freshness  Acceptance/Change
Inspiration Concentration Motivation Positive Reinforcement
Momentum    Discipline   
Love       Fun/Being

Key to the Paradigm

Mind:                     source of knowledge & thinking
Heart:                    source of vision & feeling
Body:                     source of action

Clarity:                  peaceful alertness
Freshness:                attitude of newness & willingness
Acceptance/Change:        processing of new input

Concentration:            focus & imagination
Motivation:               purpose & drive to achieve it
Positive Reinforcement:   rewarding & remembering success

Discipline:               following source of knowledge
Love:                     following source of vision
Fun/Being:                following source of action


This was done for a bit of a laugh, but improvements welcome!! If I found this on an alien starship in a file marked Humans 101, would you be worried they had us sussed?

And do please tell me all the things I've left out... or how you would say things better?

Improved AIM:

The Paradigm for Human Endeavour:
(Final Version - A Donut)

Jach said: Our being could be AIMED at this. I believe that the dream to perfect human existence is well summed up in this 'paradigm', Okei... And yet, I feel that without seeking THE GREAT ONE, we could all be balls in a juggler's hand. (just my tiny thought....iiiisssszzzz)
I admire your 'mathematical' input on this pattern, dude. All aspects well calculated. You truly are 'something'.
Fire said: now that I finally gotten some sleep he eh he ..I feel I can look at this and actually form an opinion .....I think while your paradigm shows just how intricately woven each objective has in its won place it also shows how they lap over into one another ....if you look at it in a maze type fashion you will see each has a small narrow path ..its easy to get lost or confused even by one or maybe a tiny group together ......its almost as if you have to remember all use all to maintain a perfect balance .....and if you get a bit wrong then all seems to be out of balance ..however close by is always a stepping stone that will help you retrieve that balance its a matter of experimenting .....and being open ..will and so much more and there is no real start point or end point ....each individual seems to have their own start ......I can say by reading this looking it over and thinking about it that it seems for me personally ..its a life ...a chosen path that i will travel ...there will be obstacles ...twist and turns ....even scrapes and bruises some by accident others self inflicted and some by the things you meet along the way ...but over all its life one can perfect it one can make it just perfect but they can find a perfect balance within themselves and then and only then can they really give the best of themselves would one say that self love ....happiness within and complete honesty to ones self a good start then ????....very cool okei ....i so love this !!!......hhhmm reminds me of something else i read somewhere about thoughts ....he he he .....
I like the imbalance ...balance and creativity in this okei .....he eh he is the art student coming along ????...seems to be growing nicely ...becoming more defined .....