Wednesday, 23 February 2005

The Last Bell Tolls

Three times they rang
But not a word was spoken
Silent voices sang
And the spell was broken.

—okei (2005)



  1. Thank you again for sharing your poetry.

  2. My last poem. ;^) I've now put up everything worth putting up since leaving school (so in the last ten years). Before that is buried in old computers and dusty files who knows where and I'm not digging it up again. :^)

  3. What did the bells ring about? Could they not break the spell that fast? Or, could you not end it right there? (because that was a good one, dude)

  4. Short and very sweet. I liked it. Might I hope for more where this came from?

  5. It didn't even have a title until I posted it.

    Bells mark time, the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. The transition is almost instantaneous, so it can't be drawn out. I can't even say how exactly it came about or what the voices sang, because they were silent. And what the spell was is up to interpretation of the reader. But the spell has been broken, so the new era holds promise. :^)

    Saying all this sounds pretentious, because really I just got an idea in my head and wrote it down. Usually, like in the Fear and the Sparrows poems, the initial idea in the first few lines expands to complete the story, but in this case there was nothing more that I felt needed saying. I was cunning making those voices silent, huh? ;^)

    I just remembered, the initial idea for this was lines 3 & 4 "silent voices sang and the spell was broken", so you's been expanded out already!

    More from 2005? But 2005 is gone and is no more! Maybe in the future ;^).

  6. And I just remembered what that in turn was inspired by!