Saturday, 24 January 2009

Eddi Reader, Aye Waukin-O (Robert Burns)

Ay, waukin-O, [always awake]
Waukin still and wearie;
Sleep I can get nane [none]
For thinkin on my dearie
Ay, waukin-O.

Simmer's a pleasant time, [summer]
Flowers of ev'ry colour;
The water rins o'er the heugh [runs over the bank]
And I long for my true lover.

When I sleep I dream,
When I wauk I'm irie; [apprehensive]
Sleep I can get nane
For thinking on my dearie.

Lanely night comes on, [lonely]
A' the lave are sleepin; [all the others]
I think on my bonny lad [beautiful]
And I bleer my een wi' greetin. [I blear my eyes with weeping]

Robert Burns (1759-1796)

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  1. =)))) this is alot like some of our traditional folk music where i live ..the more slow ones anyway ...i always did like acoustic guitar ..violins and cello's ...something that reminds me of home ...a guitar in every home just about ..or a violin, piano .......thank you ....its so soft and warm ...