Sunday, 20 September 2009

Today is 20/09/2009. Isn't that amazing?


  1. Look at the date!! 20092009 (thanks to taogirl for pointing it out to me...)

    So wishing you a wonderful day and a day of fresh beginning as should be every day. :^)

  2. Today's also Eid, a muslim festival, marking the end of their Ramadhan.
    Yesterday's the start of 8th month of Chinese Lunar month, which is the end of the Lunar Hungry Ghost Month. In about 15 more days, it'll be the brightest roundest moon celebration for Chinese called : Mid-Autumn Festival! ;)

  3. Indeed! I was remarking how curious that the holy month of Ramadan is in Chinese the month of holy ghosts and wondering if it is like that every year... and also this year we're coinciding with the Jewish new year, so lots of curious coincidences, an auspicious day indeed! :^)

  4. No, it won't coincide every year. But, the muslims follow the moon in their calendar, traditional chinese calendar also follow the moon. So, they will roughly coincide, I believe, on when the moon is in a certain shape? Hmmm... I don't know. :)

  5. :^)

    And today is the 21st September which is also a very special day, the first day after this special 20/09/2009... and also someone's birthday! Happy Birthday, Cyn!!!

  6. thanks Okei! It is also peace day... i think.

  7. Indeed!

    And on the first day after peace day, the 22nd of September, it's Param's birthday, Happy Birthday Param!!! And moreover, it's the autumnal equinox!

  8. Wow... so many nice celebrations one after another. :)

    First, the hungry ghosts are fed (hope that they are)

    Next, the muslims finish their spiritual cleansing and experience of the poor (hope that increases their compassion)

    Then, Autumnal Equinox that marks the start of new season and new hope (hopefully that doesn't involve celebration from h1n1 virus or any forms of influenza virus/bacteria)

    In less than 2 weeks, Mid-Autumn Festival with once-in-a-year yummy mooncakes!

    Meanwhile the muslims here in this country will continue their celebration of visiting families and relatives for one month starting 20092009. The rest of us will continue to be visually entertained by all the colourful traditional clothings adorned on our muslim friends and strangers on the streets and public transport!

  9. Mooncakes for the new moon! We got to hope those hungry ghosts don't get too jealous though, or they might want to wake up again for more.

    I didn't know the celebrations for Eid lasted a month, but there must be a curious change now, with suddenly everything much busier at lunchtime, as well as all the colours.