Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Blessing

Night parts her cloak 
And out of darkness
He is reborn,

A divine breath
And Earth reaches up
To feel His presence.

Circle of Light,
The new Son is risen
And soon all is Light.

Dressed in crimson,
May encircling angels dance
Always by your side

As you merge with Him
Within the flowing fountain
Of eternity.

Take this sapphire bowl.
In its waters you hold the sky
And your reflection.

Lips upon its rim,
You are now and ever new again.
Drink deep and be blessed!



  1. Okei....that is one amazing poem! What a beautiful Christmas gift to see this today! I have a collection of special poems that others have shared with me - would you mind if I add this to my collection? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Thanks Erica! For sure you can. Is it private, or might you share it with me one day? I think it's a great idea to make such a collection. The only thing that stops me is "making the choice".

  3. The "sapphire bowl" to me was a symbol of the sky, but Catherine Armant has pointed out to me that it's also reminiscent of the Glastonbury sapphire bowl, which apparently is a grail symbol and in the system of astrological ages corresponds to the coming age of Aquarius. This is very fitting because the new Son, and birth of Jesus, was said to be the birth of the age of Pisces, and the fish a symbol of Christianity. Each age corresponds to shifts in the position of the stars at the spring equinox marking a period of about 2160 years as I understand it. So the age before Pisces was that of the Ram as in the sun god Ra, Rameses and Moses, the age before that being Taurus as in ancient Egypt and the golden calf. And the second coming or re-birth of the Son would be the age following Pisces which is Aquarius which literally means "water-bearer", hence the sapphire bowl being so very fitting without my realizing it.

  4. The painting by the way is called Destiny by Waterhouse and is from 1900.

  5. I had never heard of the Glastonbury sapphire bowel before, but the allusions didn't escape me. While I am not truly Christian, this is time of year does represent the birth of the Sun/Son and hat is what I celebrate :-) I've been aware of the cycles of precession for a long time along with the corresponding god of each era. You surely tapped into something for you to write this without prior realization! Beautiful!

    As for my collection - for me, I only choose poems that I've written (not that many) or ones that people I know wrote and gave to me. I've posted a few on my blogs here and there, but I will be happy to share more :-)

  6. Beautiful poem, Okei

    I think I need to be new again...

  7. Erica, actually I was very conscious of the idea of Jesus marking the beginning of a new age when I wrote this. I'd found out about it from a video on Rob's site just a couple of weeks ago. So it was written in the sense that you understood it. I was also conscious of having air, earth and fire symbolism being followed and "balanced" by water symbolism, the divine He being made universal to include the divine feminine and the ideal of "Christ consciousness" in us all, which I later realized was inspired by a question on Yahoo Answers by I am Sirius.

    What I didn't realize was that the coming age was Aquarius, so a sapphire bowl, a water-bearer and a painting by Water-house (!) are all such happy coincidences. Originally I'd had in my mind the Waterhouse picture with a silver cup in her hands, but when I looked up the painting, it was a blue bowl, so I had to change the poem accordingly.

    The Glastonbury sapphire bowl was only discovered a hundred years ago, came originally from Italy and might not be that old. Its significance is mainly symbolic as a grail symbol, and attached to it by those who found it because of its appearance, how it had been buried and rediscovered and how it seemed to produce visions in the sensitive people who have meditated with it.

  8. You are!

    Great that you should have picked up on that despite it not being the final line because it was my favourite line too, and for me the essence of the entire poem. The idea had been going round in my head for a few weeks beforehand, so it was great to be able to "use" it within a finished whole.

  9. Thank you, dude!
    We are all indeed blessed with one another --- being a brother, a sister, a friend to the other. We share from one Bread, and drink from One Cup --- the blessings of love from One God.

    Happy coming New Year to you and your dear ones!

  10. Thanks Jach! All the best wishes for the coming new year to you and yours.