Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mary Gauthier - Our Lady of the Shooting Stars

Our Lady of the Shooting Stars
Was that you last night?
Did we dance a whispered waltz,
Did I hold you in my sight?
When morning came with open arms
She lifted you from me,
The sunlight burned my eyes away
And now I cannot see.

Our Lady of the Shooting Stars
As I face the early light
All that I can think of now
Is joining you in flight
But I have followed gypsies girl
I've lost my way back home
I've held the phoenix to my chest
And ended up alone.

If I move to you
Will you move to me?
If I move to you
Will you move to me?

Our Lady of The Shooting Stars
Teach me how to know
I want to feel my thoughts go dark
And rest inside your flow.
I'll awaken without fear
And breathe the cool clean air,
With your words upon my lips
Your will becomes my prayer


Our Lady of the Shooting Stars
Look what you have done
You've led me to the water's edge,
Running from sun.
Are you in the briny mist?
Do seagulls scream your name?
Their wings suspended by your love,
Or do I reach for you in vain?



  1. Cyn & Lee, thanks! I'm totally loving this song at the moment. I need to check out what else she's done sometime.

  2. I just found out that she was born in New Orleans (!) though doesn't live there now, her name is pronounced GO-shay, and here's a song she wrote after the hurricane.

  3. I hope that doesn't touch a sensitive spot or anything. Actually I don't think any of her songs quite live up to Our Lady of the Shooting Stars, which is one amazing song.

  4. She is really from Southern Louisiana not New Orleans...I like her music. It is not indicative of music here but is very ethereal.

  5. Had you heard her before? Yeah, ethereal. :^) And the lyrics are ethereal too. I don't understand what the shooting star represents, but it has a great poetic feel to it. (And she didn't write her first song until she was 35.)

  6. no you have introduced me to her!