Friday, 12 February 2010

The Siren's Call

An echo reverberates within.
Deep inside a feeling comes alive. 
Enchanted, you set out on your course 
To follow your dream and find the source.  

Through the mist you catch a glimpse of her, 
Symbol of love, your muse, saint, lover,  
And your mind is haunted by the grace 
Of her flowing form as you give chase.  

They say that love is blind, but you believe 
Just around the bend she waits for you. 
You see her beckon, then back away, 
Drawing your heart in towards its prey.  

Romancing her, your fires burn higher. 
Beneath her coyness, you smell desire. 
And danger too, but you’re not immune 
From succumbing to her siren’s tune.  

You are a hunter, you know this game, 
You know when to race and when to play, 
How to entice and how to engage, 
Being audacious while staying sage.  

But she puts your limits to the test. 
Till out of breath, ideas exhausted, 
You’re surprised to find her in your arms 
Finally won over by your charms.  

Her beauty surpasses all your dreams. 
Your joy exceeds all expectations. 
After all the searching for your prize, 
You sense a mirage before your eyes.  

She sees in you that look of wonder 
Like a child to whom the world is new. 
She wraps about you and with a kiss 
Reassures you in your state of bliss.  

She looks in your eyes and opens her mind, 
Welcoming you in, she vows her love 
And asks you to promise with all your heart 
That from this day you will never part.  

Your gazes locked and your bodies pressed 
You tell of the struggles of your quest 
And how you would not have come this far 
If she had not been your guiding star.  

You pledge that you will ever serve her 
If she gives what you are yearning for. 
She seals the pact red upon your lips 
And in her passion, her bodice rips.  

She gives her body, she gives her heart. 
It is not enough, still you want more. 
Ever so slowly she parts the veil 
Revealing her splendid glory pale.  

You urge her on as your longing grows. 
Yet as she beams, a worry takes hold. 
You are not the only hunter here. 
She closes the veil, sensing your fear.  

The moment lost, you sigh its passing. 
You ask her to give you what you need 
Pleading with her not to be a tease, 
But she declines and draws up her knees.  

With solemn brow, she still looks so cute
As she insists that she’s not to blame, 
That she’s just a woman, nothing more, 
What you seek is behind your own door.  

That which you need was always inside. 
To prove your love, you must find the key. 
On the other side she waits for you. 
Surrender to her and you will be true.  

In the courtyard of your hidden heart 
Beneath starry skies you know she waits, 
Dancing as she hears your footsteps near 
Leaping with one leap across your fear.  

Trumpets blare. She cannot be contained. 
You give your all. All is not enough. 
Stars are but a ceiling for her flight 
As you slip into the well of night.  

Into the depths, falling, lost, alone, 
Alone but for her who holds you close. 
You are nothing. The darkness shatters 
And like a cloud of raindrops scatters.  

Now all is light, you cannot see her 
But in loving arms you know you lie 
And she is present, everlasting 
And watching you take on her casting.

This is originally a poem by Erica (feyrey) that I was "tempted" to extend just a little bit. 
LOL! The result is probably at least twice as long as any poem by me. And I'm very open to suggestions, improvements, alterations, or ideas in general of what should or shouldn't have been included in this romantic epic.

The image is Ophelia (1863) by Arthur Hughes.


  1. i'm still speechless. This is truly amazing, okei :-)

  2. :^) Too kind, y'all. Thank You Erica for allowing/inviting me to do this. The ideas were all yours, but yeah, it was really hard to try to understand it well enough and re-work it in my own way, so I'm very glad you liked. Hard in particular, the part from the point of first success to the guidance to go within. Thanks again!!!

  3. Well, I'm honored you did it :-) and let's just say there's not much that renders me speechless....

    What I really like is that the ideas are the same, but there is that subtle shift that gives it a male perspective.

    And I'm tempted now to play with a few of your verses.... :-)

  4. Go for it! I'd love to see that!!!

    And I'm laughing at the "subtle shift" to the male perspective. I think the one thing that I put in which wasn't in the original was the "commitment", because any woman, even a siren (perhaps especially a siren), is going to want the man to commit to her before going any further. Is that not so?

  5. Actually I'm curious also about the bits that "stuck out" for you as being "male perspective", lol. But best probably to let you make the changes from which I might deduce it.

  6. I was just re reading to see if i could pick out what made me see a male perspective - and lol I don't think I can put my finger on it. It would be interesting to see if someone read both and could pick which was written by the male versus female....

    The commitment part is definitely a good addition. And yes, I'd say it is accurate - but that is what brings up that fine line sometimes between commitment and posession.....

    I think I will tinker a time I get some quiet time where I can get into my 'zone' :-)))

  7. Thanks Erica! And I'll be looking forward to it!

    And this seems as good a place as any to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

    And also a happy Lunar New Year!

    So for those of us who are both romantics and lunatics, what a fortuitous day this is. :^)

    Best wishes to everyone.

  8. Happy Valentines Day and New Year to you too!

    And romantic and lunatic are labels I can live with :-)))