Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter in Spain

After a cold spring week by the sea
Of blankets, jumpers, coats and tissues,
Out collecting pine cones for the fire
And reading curled up beside its warmth,
Suddenly the first days of summer
Descend hot upon the Spanish coast,
Dazzling brightness of the midday sun,
The beach scattered with its worshippers,
The orange and red shirts of children,
Shouting, running, playing in the sand
And beyond a low wall, a woman
Behind her bicycle, sunbathing.
A beautiful photo that would make,
I thought as I passed and looking back,
I saw her raise her face to greet my smile,
A flowering rose of passion’s joy and pain,
And because I had not captured her
On my camera like the sunrise,
I felt this need to do so with words.
Is that good service for poetry?



  1. Oh this is a beautiful tribute to both your joy and her beauty! not angsty at all!

  2. "a cold spring week by the sea"----------- I know that well

    Lovely-very well worded !

  3. Very nice...
    Don't worry, dude... you'll catch her someday. Fate has its ways... *smile*

    Welcome back! We certainly miss you!