Friday, 2 July 2010

Music of Life

Can you hear the clash of cymbals
Echoing through the chamber hall?
Can you see the smiling dimples
Of children at the curtain call?

What discordant harmony then
As the audience stands up and leaves,
Except for one who takes his pen
And frantically a poem weaves:

“The night is young, so let’s go out
The music’s stopped, but we’ll pick up
Where it left off, or thereabout
In real life without a hiccup.” 

He rushes out after his crush
To slip the note into her hand
The hall lies empty now and hush,
Time stops... until the next big band.

Late that night, the heart skips a beat,
The janitor didn’t lock the door!
Creak! Click! Voices… then scuttling feet
Could a rehearsal be in store?

A jump on stage, a giggling thud,
A boy and girl without a doubt.
The bee has found his blooming bud
And in the darkness they make out. 

And so we leave the growing sighs
Echoing through the chamber hall,
And in the night with sparkling eyes
Rejoice the love that burns in all.