Thursday, 28 October 2010

Buddha on Anger

Sayings of Buddha on "Anger".
Rendered in haiku form.

This is seventeenth in the series.

The image is "Jeanne d'Arc" by Gaston Bussière, receiving encouragement, prayers and a sword.

Let go of anger,
Give up pride; cut sorrow’s knots,
Mind, body and soul.

When anger rises,
He is a true charioteer
Who can use the reins.

He who checks anger
Is master of mind’s chariot,
Others are its slave.

Quell anger by love,
Bad by good, meanness by gifts
And deceit by truth.

Speak truth, spurn anger,
Give when asked, even little.
These three yield heaven.

Masters harm no-one.
Always mindful and restrained,
They go beyond pain.

The vigilant train
In goodness, peace and wisdom,
Wakeful day and night.

For those who practice,
Mind directed on the goal,
All cravings vanish.

So it’s always been!
For silence, for talking much,
Or not, all are blamed.

The world always finds
Blame in one who should be praised
And praise for the blamed.

But who dares blame him,
Who perfect, wise and virtuous,
Shines out like pure gold.

If the wise praise him,
And the gods in heaven too,
What is there to blame?

Beware angry deeds,
Master your body, shun wrongs,
Cultivate good deeds.

Beware angry words,
Master your speech, shun bad speech,
Cultivate good speech.

Beware angry thoughts,
Master your mind, shun bad thoughts,
Cultivate good thoughts.

The wise are controlled:
In deed, in word and in thought,
Perfect self-control.