Friday, 1 April 2011

The Adjustment Bureau (US, 2011)

Genre: Romance
I only saw this because my bus was late, then broke down, so I missed a meeting, and not wanting to waste the journey thought I’d go see a movie instead. Perhaps it was God’s will! Isn’t it a noble thought: to align oneself with God’s plan. But how would you feel about aligning yourself to the plan of “The Adjustments Bureau”, a plan designed by its chairman and executed by its agents for the best interests of humanity? Could you sacrifice your love for the sake of your loved one? Or would you try to rebel against the all-powerful and change their plan? And how could you, insignificant in the grand scheme, possibly succeed? Unless that too were allowed by the plan… So begins and ends this Matrix-style romantic thriller set in the streets, offices and mysterious other-world of New York as the two protagonists, a career politician and a contemporary dancer, embrace in the bitter madness of love against all the odds. When you walk out the door and see a man with a hat, you will ask yourself… “Is he one of them?” But in the arms of your love you will know… all else is invisible.


  1. I enjoyed the film.... but what I liked was that their connection was too powerful to be thwarted by the "program." Love always finds a way....

  2. Saw it to....Love is the light of the Universe.

  3. Everything that is Cinema related to the so called "Matrix" is, ... a wake up call.

    We have been Children within the All That Is of the Universe during many Centuries.

    Next, we have move on to be Adolescents in the All That Is of the Universe.

    And probably still are.

    Adolescent feel emotionally uneasy, they start endless arguments, they talk for hours on end, they act selfishly in the clumsy attempt to show off their growing personality, they thrive for validation, and plot and act smart in order to gain acceptance, and they dream of "love" ...

    Rings a bell ?

    It is a phase and the good news is that we are growing up fast.

    Take care, dear Jamintoo.

  4. The pull of being a free spirit against societies pull of sameness or conformity.

  5. How cool, Nancy and Marie that you've both seen it!! Love is the light of the universe indeed... love overrides the program, lololol.

    Catherine, I'm thinking now about your transformation theory of the Universe and like a true emotional adolescent I'm trying to deconstruct what you mean and wondering if I should take it personally, lol. ;^) I love the Matrix movie! I also love subtle romance. I do believe deep down in fundamental trust in oneself, most wonderfully expressed in verse 26 of the Dao. I do believe that we need to learn to become more mindful and perhaps I see the addictions of man becoming more technological and less physical or chemical, and yet I feel these addictions are as powerful as ever if not more so. (As evidence of this, almost no young person would want to join a monastic order these days, and there's even talk of organized religion dying out.) With the global reach of technology, we are more engaged with the world than ever before, and yet at the same time, we are becoming more removed from the reality we are engaged with, seeing that world "through the screen" of our media or computers. Still, the wake-up call is the same as it always was. I don't think that the world is a dream, and yet it has dream-like qualities which we'd do well to become aware of. Write down your concerns from a week, a month or a year ago, and you'll laugh at quite a few of them for their unimportance just like you would a dream! The same for our childhood "dreams" for our future... And yet within those dreams, past, future, present... are the seeds of our flowering.

    Take care, dear Catherine also! :^) And Marie and Nancy! Keep shining!

  6. Nice plot and overview, dude. I'm thinking to find that movie and watch it myself. Yeah, everything else dissolves when in the arms of love. *grin*
    Wish a good weekend for you, dude. See, how things get messed and jumbled and still get us something to delight about? hahahahah! God bless!

  7. Thanks Jach! Big smile :^) God bless!

  8. Not quite !

    The Monastic Orders are still prospering in France :

    This is just one example.

    And also in Italy and Poland, and Russia, of course.

    And in England :

    And some parts of America, especially when the Order is Traditional.

    The young people there are completely happy and healthy in mind and body.
    And there are not retarded, nor stupid, far from it !

    Having said that, I believe too that this is the end.

  9. Not quite !

    I have premonitions all the time.

    And I have foresight.

    And when in the Present, I always think of the Future.

    So much so that my thinking does not become obsolete as time passes.

    My concerns are not unimportant like a Dream, they are grounded. Oh yes !

    Ask Hector, bless him.

  10. I don't seriously believe in monasticism dying out completely. There will probably be a concentration to certain well-funded institutions. And then of course, some religions like Islam have no monastic element at all.

    But there could be a degree of truth to the following statement:

    "In the past, we had amateur footballers, and professional theologians. In the future, we will have professional footballers and amateur theologians."