Sunday, 19 June 2011

Jung - The Way of What is to Come

Jung - The Way of What is to Come

For those of my friends interested in The Red Book by Jung, but unable to find a copy (it seems few libraries have it and it's exorbitantly expensive)... I took some photos myself from the library and made the above video, where you can see Jung's illustrations, together with an extract from the beginning of the book.

A 180MB file of the full text without illustrations may be found by following the links from here...


  1. Okie, this is wonderful, Thank- you so very much.
    I am having trouble with my server, and loading wants to hang,
    do you mind if I download this to watach without the hesitation I am experiencing?

    Thanks again !!!

  2. It's possible to download from the website... the link it gives me is:

    Hope this works, but it's no wonder... the original video was 300MB+ and maybe vimeo didn't compress it?

  3. You're welcome!! It took ages, but it was cool. What struck me particularly are the occasional synchronicities between this prefatory passage which just corresponds to the first two slides and the images from the work as a whole (written over 16 years from 1913 to 1929, but not published until two years ago).

  4. I wish I could look over your shoulder.

    You should publish it on utube too. You have discovered a whole new
    means of communicating. Not that you just 'learned that,' but you
    have a very good voice and inflection for this form of communication.

    I will want to listen to this many times.

  5. I was meaning to start a youtube account today. But it was over the 15 minute limit, so I posted it at vimeo instead, which might just be cooler because it's not ruled by ads. (And other users can download it... not sure if that's a good thing, but maybe it is...)

    Thank you! It's good to hear you like my voice because speaking is something I don't feel experienced at.

  6. Really? I'd of never known. I'd of expected you have always been a great orator.

    Myself , I had only discovered, in recent years, a singing voice I did not know I had.

    These late gifts are jewels because we can 'wonder of them,' and the changes
    occurring within ourselves, that they manifest.

  7. Thanks a ZILLION Jami!!!

    I downloaded it and will watch it later.
    (RealPlayer SP has a download feature)


  8. I played Theseus in a school play once... but that was when I was 12.

    You're welcome, Deano! Thanks for the tip... I use it also. (I'm hoping you clicked on HD first so long as the file-size of 300MB is not too much, and you could download it alternatively at the link in the comments below which is available to all from the vimeo site.)

  9. Woah ! You have just made a little Masterpiece, dear Jamintoo. I am very impressed.

    Thank you very much indeed.

    Take care.

  10. No, no, no, I've "made" nothing, just hopefully brought you a taste of Jung's masterpiece. But thank you for listening and watching!

    Be well.

  11. I missed this, Okei. Coming back to this one too! Thank you! I love Jung!

  12. Hey Lee! I didn't realize how much you've been away since you were with me through the really interesting time at the end of last year when I was posting Buddha and Laozi haiku.

    Go to the previous link again for something particularly relevant to you. I posted it in your guestbook, but you were overwhelmed with other stuff then... much more important things... so it was not the right time. I hope work and life is easier now?

  13. Still a bit busy, Okei!~ My house has become a hotel with a revolving turnstile spitting people in and out through the door for the past 8 months. (Kids' friends, neighbors, relatives, friends, my name it! I am almost ready to hang a sign outside and start charging! lolol)

    I am currently babysitting an adorable baby girl who is now napping....and due to get up at any minute so I will definitely come back again later to read your link!
    I miss chatting with you!

  14. Thanks for decorating the page Catherine with some of Jung's illustrations in the Red Book. Sometime you should tell me what they mean!

    Lee, I made a series of seven one or two-minute videos of my haiku versions of Lao-Tsu, which you were of course the initial catalyst for at the beginning of last December with your discussion posts on the Tao Te Ching. I'm not very good at letting people know, hoping those who should find things will... but you are one who definitely should know... I did let you know already, but it's been several months, so just a reminder. :-) I hope things calm down for you soon, or even better that you find calm within the storm because that will be the true calm that will never leave you!

  15. Thanks, Okei! I am looking forward to going through them. Much catching up to do on here!