Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crosby & Nash talk about America waking up


  1. :))) they're so cool!

    Lovely ending the interview with an a capella song.

  2. Yup...saw this last week. :)

  3. " The movement doesn't need a park. "
    " The park is ~ the spark. "

    This was posted to you tube the day they were there.
    The first interview I saw was with Rollingstone I think ... in their car ... lol

    They've been doing this so long I'm sure they're glad to see the current generation taking up the ... "baton" .

    after all ...

    " peace is not an awful lot to ask ... "

    *she slips into song*


  4. :) the old-timers still in fine form!

  5. i remember seeing crosby stills and nash in 1979 or 1980 and they said dont vote for reagan! we're from california and you dont want to have anything to do with that turkey. that was stills talking-- is anyone here old enough to remember the derisive use of the word "turkey"?-- i am.

  6. Definitely not old enough, Billy... I wasn't born then! But good to know. :)

  7. no president scared me as much as Reagan did-- until Georgie Jr. but with Bush i really think it was Cheney we were dealing with- from an undisclosed location.

  8. jeez you make me feel so old---- by 1980 i'd already seen cs&n about 6 times.

  9. "is anyone here old enough to remember the derisive use of the word "turkey"?-- i am."

    oh my ... would you believe... nope don't remember that ...... (selective Alzheimer's, perhaps ??) ....... : ))