Thursday, 22 March 2012

Montserrat Figueras (1942-2011)

I was very sad to learn that the singer of early music Montserrat Figueras had passed away at the end of last year.

 If you have ten minutes, you might enjoy her "Song of Sibil", composed in the 13th century, that was banned for several centuries because it was in Catalan.

It is a liturgical piece about that day when "the eternal king will come dressed in our mortal pass judgment on the century", ending with: "You who have heard all this, pray passionately to God with all your heart and devotion to bring us salvation".

In this short interview she gave in 2010, she discusses how her music crosses cultures and boundaries, reflecting our common aspirations. In the background she plays and sings a piece from "Francisco Javier - La Ruta de Oriente" with Jordi Savall and the Hesperion XXI ensemble.


  1. Absolutely stunning Okei, thank you so much for sharing this.

    Such a gift ... such a loss , indeed.

  2. Thank you very much. I didn't know about her and I like this music very much. Sad that she has passed away. I have always thought that Spain had the best ( I can't think of the word, what is it folk or regional) music. I am listening to the Song of Sibil right now, I'm so happy you posted this. I am going to listen to more from her.

  3. I added that Song of Sibil to my favorites on YT.

  4. Wonderful posts.... we're fortunate to have her glorious voice with us still! Thanks Okei...