Thursday, 26 April 2012

Second Sight

Beauty brings out life's best!
With prayerful breath she blows
An ancient force impressed,
A light which gently grows
Upon my heart undressed
A muse whom goddess froze
Now wakes each moment blessed
Transforming me in throes
Of ecstasy and rest.
I skate over rainbows
And suck at heaven's breast
And dare what no-one knows
Relishing every test
On Love's eternal quest.


Painting: The Blind Girl by
John Everett Millais, one of the foremost Pre-Raphaelites.  


  1. Thanks for reading! :) I've edited slightly and also added some arty links.

  2. Creating an image of great beauty there- a quest answered and shared- thanks!

  3. That is so so so wonderfully written - I am enchanted by the depth of this beautiful little poem - so much said in so few words!
    Outstanding and do write some more!