Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Song of the Blue Plumbago Fairy

Song of the Blue Plumbago Fairy

I am the fairy fair
Of blue plumbago flowers
You cannot help but stare
At my star-speckled bowers.

Each petal blue as sky
Reminds of sun and sea.
Reflecting heaven high,
I bless eternally.

In time it's true I'll die,
All beauty here must fade.
Of this I know and sigh,
But love, for love I'm made.

So let me touch your hair
And dance with you a round
Without a fear or care,
We're heaven, heaven-bound.

—okei (14th May, 2013)

Image: Photo of Blue Plumbago Flowers & Netting (2011) merged with Vidan's 'Sultry Day' on

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