Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cartas para Amigos

I found these poems by the sea in Spain. 

Song of Healing

I want to send you love
But without thought of pleasure,
To blow upon the furnace of your soul
And feel you shiver in ecstasy,
Knowing your own sense of knowing
And how your best is always yet to come.
I want to make you light up
For life, but not for me,
For God, and for

There is no place in this world
For such desireless love.
It reeks of science and of chemistry
Without the pop, without the heat,
Or else of lies and cruel deceit.
My fingers dance poetic longings,
The soft curl, the flow, the whirl,
To touch you once, a magic glancing blow
That leaves you healed and better,
But still my same dear friend forever.


In Fading Light I Write

The sun is setting under a distant hill.
My camera outlines the profile of each tree
Against the orange glow — Spanish horizon,
Beauty that never my naked eye could see
And somewhere on the other side of the globe,
I imagine you look up at the half-moon,
A shooting star, oh joy! may your wish come true!

I once read a correspondence of lovers,
A sad affair, called "His Letters grew Colder"
And thinking how friendship can also grow cold,
I wish the same could never be said of us.
Our letters grew further apart, more spaced out,
Rare blessings through time, like comets in the night!
Anam Cara true, I make my wish for you.


Mother of Pearl

The words have run out —
Empty, I wander on
And out of darkness, light,
Out of being, movement,
Out of creation, depth.

Do you know the way?
Walk, and the feet will lead,
Stand, and the arms will rise,
Sit, and the world will stop,
Dream, and come together.


Bridge of Hearts

Some say love is just another game we play
To pass the time, to make our lives worthwhile
Once all the other tricks have come and gone.

But we do not even play —
We discuss the rules.
Is that not the real waste?

These poems were like unsent postcards to different people, real or imaginary. I'm sharing them because the feelings expressed are universal. Perhaps they re-capitulate the four immeasurables of compassion, loving-kindness, joy in the joy of others, and equanimity.

Photos: Spanish Sunsets by —okei


  1. I enjoyed these! Beautiful :)
    There is such purity in universal love.
    Nothing asked for...just to be, just to flow.

  2. Thank you Angelina! :) Your own poetry also…

    You must have found this because I added you to "Friends & Inspiration" in the sidebar? warm welcome to you!