Friday, 13 February 2009

A Paradigm for Human Endeavour (AIM)

Mind          Heart      BodyAwareness        
            Clarity       Freshness  Acceptance/Change
Inspiration Concentration Motivation Positive Reinforcement
Momentum    Discipline   
Love       Fun/Being

Key to the Paradigm

Mind:                     source of knowledge & thinking
Heart:                    source of vision & feeling
Body:                     source of action

Clarity:                  peaceful alertness
Freshness:                attitude of newness & willingness
Acceptance/Change:        processing of new input

Concentration:            focus & imagination
Motivation:               purpose & drive to achieve it
Positive Reinforcement:   rewarding & remembering success

Discipline:               following source of knowledge
Love:                     following source of vision
Fun/Being:                following source of action


This was done for a bit of a laugh, but improvements welcome!! If I found this on an alien starship in a file marked Humans 101, would you be worried they had us sussed?

And do please tell me all the things I've left out... or how you would say things better?

Improved AIM:

The Paradigm for Human Endeavour:
(Final Version - A Donut)

Jach said: Our being could be AIMED at this. I believe that the dream to perfect human existence is well summed up in this 'paradigm', Okei... And yet, I feel that without seeking THE GREAT ONE, we could all be balls in a juggler's hand. (just my tiny thought....iiiisssszzzz)
I admire your 'mathematical' input on this pattern, dude. All aspects well calculated. You truly are 'something'.
Fire said: now that I finally gotten some sleep he eh he ..I feel I can look at this and actually form an opinion .....I think while your paradigm shows just how intricately woven each objective has in its won place it also shows how they lap over into one another ....if you look at it in a maze type fashion you will see each has a small narrow path ..its easy to get lost or confused even by one or maybe a tiny group together ......its almost as if you have to remember all use all to maintain a perfect balance .....and if you get a bit wrong then all seems to be out of balance ..however close by is always a stepping stone that will help you retrieve that balance its a matter of experimenting .....and being open ..will and so much more and there is no real start point or end point ....each individual seems to have their own start ......I can say by reading this looking it over and thinking about it that it seems for me personally ..its a life ...a chosen path that i will travel ...there will be obstacles ...twist and turns ....even scrapes and bruises some by accident others self inflicted and some by the things you meet along the way ...but over all its life one can perfect it one can make it just perfect but they can find a perfect balance within themselves and then and only then can they really give the best of themselves would one say that self love ....happiness within and complete honesty to ones self a good start then ????....very cool okei ....i so love this !!!......hhhmm reminds me of something else i read somewhere about thoughts ....he he he .....
I like the imbalance ...balance and creativity in this okei .....he eh he is the art student coming along ????...seems to be growing nicely ...becoming more defined .....


  1. Brilliant!!! Can I have a copy of this, dude? You see, this is what I probably need so as not to get off course. I've been running around circles for long trying to locate mySELF. This is a GREAT HELP. Thanks for posting it, Okei!

  2. I like it.
    What is important is your understanding of the process. Each must come to place thru experience.
    For me it seems that head knowledge is merely that, theory. But the pondering upon concepts & theory is what leads me to internal experience. But this is just me, for others it may me different.
    In the end we all arrive at the same place for the first time, realizing that we were never not there.

  3. oooohhh you done it so well okei ...!!!! see ?? i need a copy too ..pppsssttt although the things i do wrong ...can you tell me privately ....I'd rather people not see the fool I am ....=)))))....
    I didn't think you would actually write this but I am glad you did ...
    Nice one Okei stands a good reminder no matter what ..cause humans err always .....; ) you can trust me on that i make more mistakes then anyone ....ta ta ...thanks for writing okei ....merci beaucoup

  4. Thanks so much for all your kind comments!!

    If this can be made useful in practice, then all the better. As you say Phae, it's the practice through experience that's important and the purpose is just as a reminder of what we already know, to get us back to our initial state. (The "no philosophy" of birds and animals and kids is what all the philosophers really aspire to, but they need to go through their complicated confusion to get back to the simple.)

    But now here's something that's occurred to me... that every single category in the table above when taken in its strongest form encompasses *all* the rest. For example, the brightest most intense rays of Clarity would bring about an attitude of willingness, however set in their ways or unwilling a person might be, and all the rest follow similarly. The most intense Freshness and Willingness meanwhile would let in the slightest tinkle of Clarity, and so it goes on...

    But doing this makes me realize that Discipline might not be the right can be disciplined in unproductive ways like a close-minded bureaucrat, so I was thinking maybe Discipline/Wisdom. I was also thinking Efficiency, but is Efficiency a "mind"-thing?

    So with this new idea, we see that to apply the table, you can just pick one sub-category for the day... and in everything we do, try to express that category to the fullest extent. Today being Valentine's Day, let me suggest that the category we choose for today should be Love. ;^)

  5. Here is a modification of the paradigm...please let me know what you would change...
                Mind/Wisdom   Heart/Love  Spirit/Being
    Awareness   Clarity       Freshness   Faith
    Inspiration Concentration Motivation  Excitement
    Momentum    Discipline    Efficiency  X (unexplainable)_______________________________________________________________

    I've replaced Body with Spirit: source of action & joy, really source of existence.

    All types of awareness are *active* awareness and comprise acceptance, change and return to the peaceful state, like a drop of water on a calm still lake will make a few ripples and then return to calm, sometimes inspiring a decision and creating a change, sometimes not. Clarity is peaceful mind, Freshness peaceful heart & Faith peaceful spirit.

    Positive Reinforcement is just a special form of Excitement, reinforcing that what we are doing is of value...

    Discipline: diligence of mind
    Efficiency: diligence of heart, could also say Bravery...
    X: diligence of spirit (this is an unexplainable life force, charisma, flow that maintains joy, excitement and the state of Being, living in the moment).

    And finally I've put the State of Wisdom, State of Love & State of Being which are really ideal endpoints in the headers...

    Unfortunately, the idea of one element in the table in its most extreme form encompassing all the rest seems to break down... or can it be fixed? And last of all, I should say the bridge between Heart, Mind and Spirit is *Imagination*, so if it can be fixed, lots of that will be needed, lol.

    I hope the above is not too disorganized and makes some sense... It was fun thinking about anyway... I know it'll take a while to swallow (even for me and I wrote it) and yes of course, it's the practice that matters!! And for that, maybe it's helpful, maybe not... for sure I'd love it if it were...

  6. And here's a link to a conversation over on Jach's site which in hindsight triggered this amusing exercise...

  7. There could actually be another row to the table called "Signalling" to denote communication between people on an endeavour, communication between Minds (Justification), between Hearts (Demonstration) and between Spirits (? I need another of those X's lol).

    Or maybe on second thoughts this is just Awareness, but on a grander scale. Two people disagreeing on the best course of action is like being ambivalent... Clarity on this scale becomes all the more difficult... Harmony... and you expect to keep things harmonious without expecting necessarily for things to "resolve".

  8. he he he ..cute okei ...I wonder if any of these could be added and how so ....creativity, humility and commitment .......aaawww maybe not just rambling .......

  9. Another update... I think I like this one better...

    The first row is active alertness, calm, acceptance/change and return to the peaceful state, harmony between conflicting forces, flexibility, readiness, mind like water.

    The second row is decision and the seed of direction.

    The third row is the focus on and nurturing of the new idea and following the direction.

    The fourth row is bringing the seed of direction to life.

    The fifth row is keeping the flow in the right direction and not bursting the banks.

    The sixth row is keeping the endeavour alive and completion and raising to a higher level.

    The final row is the new State of Mind, Heart and Spirit from which we begin anew.

  10. Thanks a lot for that! I've added commitment, as for humility... hmmm... I guess by faith I mean spiritual calm so it goes under that, and finally creativity is somewhere in the Mind-Heart column under Imagination which bridges mind & heart, maybe it should be there instead of Vision...

  11. Seemed like I've missed out on a lot. Wherever have I been?

    This is amazing. You come up with such interesting things. Especially those inter-connectors in between the values. A network of seamless process?

    And oh, by the way; I was so frustrated watching Arsenal's game against Sunderland last night. They wasted so many chances. If Arsenal had won they would have edged closer to Aston Villa who lost to Chelsea. Grrr....

  12. Ahhhh-hahh-hahh! Can't believe i could be part of the root to this "amusing exercise", dude. You benefit us all with your brilliant thoughts and ideas. So happy here!!!

  13. I really like the revised one. It is just a bit clearer.
    Wow you really put some effort into this & I am impressed. I really have not seen any one do this.
    Thank You & Blessings!

  14. Maybe a final version of the AIM? And it's a donut...

    Yup, that's right! Here goes...

    The top and bottom rows are the same, so imagine wrapping round the paradigm so that they meet... so you get a cylinder... now wrap round the ends of the cylinder, where mind and spirit meet, add a bit of chocolate to keep it glued together and voila!


  15. *grin* oh okay...! thanks...this is cool!

  16. Just some links about the idea of representing metaphysical concepts combinatorially in some kind of language, in such a way that philosophical truths can be ascertained just like mathematical truths. The project didn't work, but is interesting... It was apparently an idea of the Catalan thinker Ramon Llull around 1275 in his attempt to "prove" Christianity as superior to other religions, and developed by the famous mathematician Gottfried Leibniz who was the one who independently with Newton invented calculus.

    And while it didn't get anywhere it was apparently inspiration for the development of the computer, and Llull also came up with interesting ideas for voting systems which were re-discovered 500 years later for voting where you have preference lists for all the candidates.

    Edit: This kind of project that Llull and Leibniz were up to also reminds me a lot of Hermann Hesse's "Glass Bead Game". Awesome and massive book which I'd recommend to everyone, possibly even the book I'd choose if I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book of fiction with me, that or Lord of the Rings or something I hadn't read before :^/risky/. But then I guess being stranded on a desert island, you can afford to take risks... gosh! this is making me think of my Ariadne post, lol, stranded on Naxos: and I'm sure she had nothing to read!!

  17. I am happy enough to leave it as it stands and further amused and interested, reading the comments. Love it all :)

  18. Lol, thanks Rose!

    And thanks for reminding me of this by your thread on the triune brain theory of reptile-emotional-rational parts of the brain, each built up around the previous one.

    I think remembrance is very important, so I'm pleased to see it in the table, although coming at the end in the form of recollection, also being a source of both wisdom and love as it wraps around and begins again. This also ties in nicely with the transplanting the heart studies that show importance of the "heart" in memory, and something I realized recently, and has apparently been proved, that when memories are associated with emotions, when we "feel" them, they are much more likely to be long-term.

  19. Do you know they took the heart out of Barney Clark and put in a mechanical one. He lived for quite a while, though, not so healthily, as one might have hoped....but he kept having out of body experiences after they put in the mechanical was as if, the heart grounded his spirit within himself.

    You must made me remember that.

  20. Ahhh, that's fascinating! The heart as the ground or seat of the spirit. The ancients believed that too... makes one wonder how they knew!!!