Friday, 13 February 2009


Passion is like the glow of the sun that burns hot within and without.

Romance is like the sunset; unbelievably beautiful, but sadly transient, though the memory remains forever with us.

Love is like the moon. You can't touch it.

Friends are like the stars that twinkle down upon us. Clouds may obscure them from view, but they are ever present.

—okei (2008)


  1. Wow ...beautiful Okei .....!!!!! I see you put that friend thing in ...just lovely ..=))))

    I hope you do not mind me giving my own version about them ....

    Passion is the rise of molten lava, it starts slow
    It rises from way down to the surface from depths below
    It erupts into hot liquid that finds its way along the veins
    nothing could easily fan it out not even a heavy rain

    Romance is the sweetest feeling drifted upon the sea
    it touches all who come near with its heartfelt pleas
    it's like the most finest and lingering soft kiss
    its brings out the most high of high bliss

    Love is the lasting warmth of a passionate fires embers
    its feelings and memories always remembered
    for all that was given and received held tiny treasures
    and nothing on this earth can ever compare or measure

    Friends are the walls that hold you up in times of need
    where friendship takes to grow from the smallest seed
    but becomes as lasting as every birth of a star
    it stays with you no matter if near or far

    I promise Okei ....i'll keep in touch
    you are a good friend
    a good heart
    and kind person ....

    =)))))) catch you later ...
    pppsssttt ...hope you don't mind the poem ..if you do ..chuck it ..k .. ; )

  2. Awesome!
    I liked this: "Love is like the moon. You can't touch it."
    (...but i just sailed on it last night...?)

  3. Mind the poem? You kidding me...I love it! And you came up with it just like that!!! Straight from the heart... I'm so glad that it inspired you.

    I wrote mine back in January 2008, or maybe even late 2007. I'm not sure because I never date things...

  4. uuhhhmmm no not really ..I read you poem and it took me quite a bit of time actually ..maybe 15 minutes ....from the time i thought it to the time I typed it don't worry I know how rusty it is ...giggle ....I just think and jot it down and then leave it .....he he he please don't mind the poor mess of it ...thats just me ...I really do not bother going and correcting it most times .....I am only fussy over my cooking and sometimes my art works ...and oh cleaning of course ....must keep things tidy and clean ....

  5. ooppppppssss and i almost forgot !!!!!..I got pictures for you too lol of our snow ..he he he ....although its only a light snowfall ..most of the heavy snowfall is gone now ....but still its a bit more then yours ....once i remember to download them I'll show you them ....I'll mark it just for you though ...don't want to publicly display where I live ...chow chow

  6. I like this one the best. You're such a poet, Okei, when you're in the mood!

    And Dar's poem is beautiful too.

  7. Ah, you! I know why you like it... it totally feels like something that you'd have written, lol.

    I actually came up with it as the excuse I'm going to need to use for all my lovely friends from school whom I haven't kept in touch with...... it's very cloudy where I am. ;^) Lol. But though I haven't kept in touch, I haven't forgotten them...

  8. I know what you mean.... It's the same with me. I haven't really kept in touch with them either, except for maybe through Yahoo Messenger.