Friday, 12 June 2009

Motorway Across the Universe

"Here is a problem for you," Nafurti said, producing the above picture of the universe. "On the left, you have the Earth, then the motorway that runs across the universe and on the right the planetary objects and the Sun. As you can see the motorway goes almost completely across the universe and the gap is too small for the planets to pass through. So the problem is how to move the planets across and settle them on the Earth, allowing for making the Earth smaller in the process."

I realize immediately that being allowed to make the Earth smaller means we can convert some of the mass of the Earth into energy and use that energy to perform the feat.

"How about moving the planets across the motorway?" I suggested.

But this is a two-dimensional model of the universe... so to take something "over" would involve taking it out of the universe, she explained.

"How about populating the Earth with humans," I suggest next, "The destructive power of humans will blow apart the motorway and the way will then be clear!"

At this, she was most displeased. Frowning, she explained "That will create debris all over the place which will be even harder to avoid and will make your problem much more difficult."

And then I had a third idea... "Complete the motorway, and then with tremendous force like a rocket taking off from its launch site, the left side of the universe must take off from the right, separating itself from it, and then double itself back and re-join itself to the right side."

"That's very good!" she said. "So how are you going to do the first of those two in practice, the splitting?"

I have no idea actually... and then I wake up.

And then there's still the second problem of doubling back and re-connecting...

I'll have to figure all that out in due course, but in the meantime I'll concentrate on completing that motorway. It might be a motorway of foolishness from which one might take off with complete freedom and nothing to lose, but in order to take it, in order to "let go" of something, a subjective attachment of any kind whatever it might be that holds us back, requires first for that thing to complete itself.

Don't you think?


  1. Sounds a lot like Tam's visions...

    you should take a look at some of her blogs...

  2. Since you can change the size of the Earth, just shrink it and squench it under the bottom of the motorway to the other side with the sun and planets? It isn't on the side they wanted to be on, but at least they are all together, so what is the difference? I know. To simple. LOL

  3. LOL. Nice one, Lexie! I actually noticed that sneaky solution but only when writing up the dream in this blog - my dream self certainly didn't notice it, so I wonder what Nefarti (or whatever her name was - presumably a shortened form of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti) would have said to that! Perhaps this would represent "humility". With enough humility we can slip past any subjective obstacle.

    Indeed, simple is good! Kudos to you. :^) Also worth checking out...

    But what would the planets think of settling on such a tiny Earth? It's the age-old question of whether size really matters, LOL.

  4. I have seen it, instead of a "problem" ... instead of something that "holds us back" ... I have seen it as a "rainbow bridge" which we are building by allowing ourselves to connect the translucent, rainbow colored and powerfully dynamic energy of our being.

    I once voiced the question : "Is it strong enough" ... to those around me in while working on it ... but I knew better than that.

    It was doubt voicing itself, out of habit. Doubt which no longer has a place in these things.

    that's what I think


  5. By "problem", I meant a question to think about. Problems are good. Unsolved problems are even better, though trying to solve them and not succeeding can be frustrating. They are objective, not personal...

    As for the stuff within the problem, that might be personal... representing different aspects of self in some way... I don't know?

    Idea: Maybe the Earth is the "ego", so shrinking it is all the better an idea!!

  6. The motorway is a rainbow bridge? And connecting what to what? Sorry, I'm terribly confused... as usual ;^)...

  7. okei,

    All my life I have had visions and dreams of ... interesting things... which, over the course of my years, begin to tell a story of humanity.

    This dream you recount here, reminds me of my "Rainbow Bridge" dream.

    Where I find myself among others, across time, building a "rainbow bridge" across generations ... making "the way" easier ... for those less "sighted".

    There is much detail in all of them. I've tried from time to time to ... put them to word.

    But there is so much.

    If you'd like to know more I'm happy to share with you.


  8. Cool! It sounds fascinating... I'd love to hear more... if you have any links to your blogs for example which you could share... :^)

  9. oh boy ... yeah huh ...
    I think they're back there somewhere ... lol ... I have quite a few... but some of this stuff I shared on yahoo 360 or on my "specificallyvague" account.

    Multiply, for some mysterious reason, out of the blue wouldn't let me back into that account.

    It's still there. But I no longer am recognized at it's owner. I can view it as a guest , but I can't edit it.

    A few of my songs are on that page.

    so between here "itsallinasong" and "specificallyvague" .. I think they are there. ... lol

  10. Don't worry about it. I'll come across them one day hopefully.

    But in the meantime... I'm totally loving this poem and song... (Track 4)

  11. Ah, but if the Earth can make itself smaller on one side, nothing says it can't change back to it's original size after it crosses.

  12. Getting bigger wasn't strictly allowed... but since this is a dream I guess anything is *possible*...but I do think that would "break the rules", lol.

    But then I had the idea that the Earth might represent the ego, so getting smaller might be a good thing...

  13. Thank you okei, for reading and listening.


  14. Thank you Tamara for sharing... you have a beautiful voice and that particular song I think I chose subconsciously as going well with the above dream...

  15. That song is rather "dark" ... and it was very difficult for me to ... to come about ... I think because it says so much.

    All of that music came through me that way.
    I have no formal training and it would just come through me when I sat at the piano.

    With many of them, but markedly so with this one, I found myself shaking as the words and music came through me.

    And I am no way skilled enough to play what it sounds like in my head.
    So what you hear is my feeble attempt at bring it to light.

    Thank you for listening.

  16. It seems like a good time to consider a flyover.

  17. The Universe looks wider than it is tall, a rectangle. If only the motorway runs perpendicular to its current alignment…..

    How about rotating the motorway to about 90° to the left, with the earth pushing to the right at the motorway’s southern endpoint simultaneously with the combined efforts of the group (including the sun) on the opposite side pushing to the left at the northern endpoint? It looks like the combined mass of those planets and the sun would be able to counter that of the earth, creating the point of rotation somewhere at the center of the motorway. Then the gap would be sufficiently bigger, enough for those smaller planets to pass through to be united with the earth. They’ll need cooperation and coordination for this to work.

    Try it with a pencil!

    I wonder if this could be done? What are the rules again?

  18. Thank you so much for allowing me to share. I have no formal training in music either, nor the gift to "hear" something original in my head like this, but I imagine that is how pure inspiration comes about... it's very rare, like Coleridge's "Kubla Kahn" which came to him in a dream.

  19. LOL. Indeed...very funny, Bernard, thought that was kind-of my first idea and I was not granted planning permission.

  20. Now that is clever! And I hadn't thought of it either... It's kind-of crazy talking of rotating motorways, but not any less crazy than the idea I came up with in the dream. Indeed, if the beginning of the motorway could be moved to the left (and the endpoint to the right), the gap would be large enough for all the planets to pass through easily because as you say the universe is wider than it is tall... no need for a pencil to see it!

    The only "rules" were to keep everything within the picture, and the Earth was allowed to shrink in the process, so it's a big thumbs-up. :^)

    So how would you interpret this solution?

    The solution in the dream I interpreted as "any subjective obstacle will complete itself", though I'm not sure what to make of the splitting and re-combining...

    Lexie's solution of shrinking the Earth to even smaller than the gap I interpreted as "enough humility, i.e. a small-enough ego, will allow one to slip past any subjective obstacle".

    Perhaps your solution would be "to get past any subjective obstacle, all that's needed is a change of angle"...

    That is of course all assuming that the motorway represented a "subjective obstacle". But no-one can objectively say there's a motorway running across the universe, so I like this theory.

    But the motorway while being an obstacle is also a path to freedom (inspired by that song I linked). It is a motorway of foolishness according to the song, so by opposites also a motorway of knowledge. To me it seems to represent my studies in mathematics... "on the verge" of completion, but I've been stuck for a few years, and this state of "feeling stuck" is bit of a subjective obstacle...

  21. That's one way to look at it. Also, I was trying to demonstrate the importance of teamwork or cooperation in affecting an actual change. Everyone needs to take part. Pushing the motorway at only one end won’t work quite as properly, because the point of rotation could fall just anywhere along the motorway’s length – most probably close to the southern end (try it again with a flat ruler – it’s a lot closer in shape) There need to be a relatively equal amount of force pushing at the opposite end at the same time in order to create a fixed central point of rotation.

    Oh look at me, the architect trying to explain physics…. I’m not even sure my terminologies are correct, heh heh.

  22. The "I" is looking on from outside the Universe and directing what needs to be done... the motorway just needs to be "moved"... it doesn't have to be a rotation about its centre or anything... but of course pushing from one end only wouldn't do, so if the planets are going to carry out the movement I take your point that cooperation is required.

    I should say though that I didn't think of the planets as people, perhaps representing hopes or future plans as yet unknown, and the Earth representing the ego, and as for the Sun, I don't know, it is like a silent witness... it wasn't part of the problem, so I wasn't really thinking about it in the dream...

  23. Ah okay. I hadn't looked at it that way. Funny dream you have there!

    I've always had this weird notion that the planets (in reality) are worried about the fate of their sister, the Earth. She's spewing smoke and getting a high temperature.... They'd try to rescue her if they could. But they're just stuck there, hooked onto invisible lines just watching and going around and around and around....

    Okay getting a little nonsensical there. Sorry!