Friday, 19 June 2009

Symbol of Freedom, Flower of Hope

Symbol of Freedom, Flower of Hope, who after years of house arrest now sits in jail... Today is the birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi... who does all that she can do, and never loses heart, even when she can do nothing. So what can we do? We do what we can do, my friends. We don't lose heart. Though we can do nothing.

Instructions (tongue-in-cheek) on how to do nothing:


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  2. Here is the union of giving and receiving, focused in the, alive, falling into the embrace of Source with neither ego nor agenda.

  3. She must of had great faith too to go with that heart

  4. Indeed! She is a model of inner strength in the face of adversity. As Gail said, with "neither ego nor agenda", just fighting for truth and justice and the greater good. Some of us fail to live up to these ideals, but at least we are among those who try.

    It seems that some in the world today really don't... I hadn't realised that before, so I'm beginning to understand your outrage at that, Had. I really did think that those who did evil were misguided in their intentions with the belief they did not cause much harm. But I'm beginning to think there are some who really do not care for anything but their own power, the "ego" as false god, and there is no philosophical argument that can unseat it, except to organize society in such a way as to weaken its power. It's the fundamental dilemma of philosophy... from our subjective view of the world, how can we believe in objective truth and goodness?