Monday, 30 November 2009

The Mystic's Dream (Loreena McKennitt) ♥♫

A clouded dream on an earthly night
Hangs upon the crescent moon
A voiceless song in an ageless light
Sings at the coming dawn
Birds in flight are calling there
Where the heart moves the stones
It's there that my heart is longing for
All for, for the love of you

A painting hangs on an ivy wall
Nestled in the emerald moss
The eyes declare a truce of trust
Then it draws me far away
Where deep in the desert twilight
Sand melts in pools of the sky
When darkness lays her crimson cloak
Your lamps will call, call me home

And so it's there my homage's due
Clutched by the still of the night
And now I feel, feel you move
And every breath, breath is full
So it's there my homage's due
Clutched by the still of the night
Even the distance feels so near
All for, for the love of you.


  1. I Love this song!
    I Love her! Thank You!

  2. Thanks Lilith & Lexie. I think I almost know the lyrics by heart to this... I was singing it in my head as I looked up at the almost full moon walking home last night.

  3. "Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow,
    That tips with silver all these fruit tree tops"

    "O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
    That monthly changes in her circle orbit,
    Lest that thy love prove likewise variable"

    "What shall I swear by ?"

    "Do not swear at all;
    Or if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self,
    Which is the god of my idolatry,
    And I'll believe thee"

    Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, the Balcony Scene, (Act 2,Scene 2)

    Take care.

  4. Yes! Love that scene. I remember it from the movie. The rest is all a bit of a jumble mixed up in my memory with all those other tales of star-crossed lovers, but I do remember that exchange.

    And tonight is a full moon no less, and even a blue moon apparently (which isn't actually blue but just means it's the second full moon of the month) and also a lunar eclipse. Pity I missed it. And also New Year's Eve, so Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  5. This Celtic Song here is simply marvelous.

    I am singing ...aaaaahh ... ooooooh ... la la la ...

    Yes ! I saw this most beautiful full Moon last night, at 00.00, (well in England it was), and from my very cold Zen room, brrr ..., (no clouds in the sky), six floors higher up, I faced again the view towards the North East, that view that carries me along the Seasons, as It constantly changes.
    And I admired the City Fireworks.
    And I saw the Orbs.
    This is a new invention : people can send into space enlightened little Orbs, that look like flying little lanterns illuminated from inside.
    And they travel ! They cover distances : I saw about 10 of them, they started far in the horizon and finally arrived over my roof, I was in awe and totally delighted.

    About the Blue Moon, it is rare occurrence :

    How wonderful that we have just recently exchanged about the Blue Bowl of Glastonbury.

    The Lunar eclipse took place in 9º Capricorn, and in 9º Cancer, how relevant because we ARE entering the new Capricorn Period, in 2010, therefore from now on it will about an all important Capricorn/Cancer polarity that will affect all affairs of the Worlds.

    And the Oracle goes like this :

    The Moon at home 9º in Cancer,
    - "A small, naked girl bends over a pond trying to capture a fish".
    The "small naked girl" symbolizes the innocent and spontaneous, and the "pond" is the infant's mind with a limited scope of consciousness.
    Reaching out with a pure and unconditioned mind. Purity in understanding.

    And the Sun 9º in Capricorn,
    - "An Angel carrying a harp".
    The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.
    The "heaven is within us", all we have to do is to be open and listen to the total harmony of Life, a harmony in which we play a part that is necessary to the completeness and meaning of the whole.
    In order to do this we surrender our separative ego-consciousness and flow with the Universal current, or ... will of God.

    (source : "An Astrological Mandala", by Dane Rudhyar)

    Take care.

  6. I'm struggling to understand much of your post Catherine. I've no idea what orbs are, and at some point I really need to look up a wiki about astrology because I really wonder how these ideas first came about for dividing the sky into twelve sections and calculating times and positions of the stars.

    That was very interesting about the blue bowl, and now the blue moon, and I've changed my background back to blue also, lol.

    Edit: Oh, and I saw the full moon last night, as you might have noticed from my New Year's Day Haikus.