Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Children & Nature Haikus

I have seen a bird
Fly halfway across the world,
Then vanish in mist.

With eyes of a child,
“That tree,” she says, “is even
Taller than the hill.”

“It had a headstart,”
I thought, “because its roots grew
High as well as deep.”

Two children jump
Over a puddle.
Then one exclaims,
“The rain has stopped!”



  1. Love this. I am in a poetry mood today and had a few lines swirling through my own brain.
    Lovely, Okei

  2. Thank you Lee! I think it's my attempt at photography with words.

  3. Oh what a nice way to put it!

  4. Thanks! They're such everyday things, but you know sometimes you get those rare moments when the normal seems special, the "photographic moment". Such moments really are rare and stick in your memory. The ordinary becomes beautiful. And I guess that's the meaning of seeing with the "eyes of a child". Now, these haikus weren't necessarily such vivid moments, but in capturing them in haiku form, they take on a life of their own as if they were. :^)

  5. I am thankful you brought us there

  6. Thanks again, and thanks Nancy!

  7. Why do i see 'me' here?... hahahahahhhh! Perhaps, it's that 'free spirit' i catch from your beautiful lines. Great poem, dude!

  8. Photography with words? Purpose achieved! Very creative.

  9. Photography with words--you achieved your goal

    I seen the bird too

  10. Many Thanks!!! To Jach, Astara & Had.