Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I Thought ...

This, like The Siren's Call, is a variation on a poem by Erica (feyrey), done with her permission. The original poem may be found here:

I Thought ...

I thought I heard a soulful tune
Wafting through the crisp night air.
It filled the horizons of my mind
And left no space for doubt or care.
Tipping my chin to the whispering wind
I felt it rustle through my hair.
But the more I strained to hear its song,
The less I heard till in despair,
I beseeched the wind, “O cruel wind,
Why do you tease with things not there?”

The wind laughed gently in reply,
“I play no games, nor do I hide,
Perhaps it’s you eluding me
Of that which I would wish confide.
Where beauty, truth and goodness lie,
You’ll find wherever you decide.”


I thought I felt upon my skin
The kiss of unconditional love,
A sun that burned me deep within
And glowed serenely up above.
My heart danced safe in its protection,
Fluttering freely like a dove.

So up I flew on gossamer wings
To return its warm embrace,
But its light began to blind me
And made tears stream down my face.


I thought I tasted pleasure’s fruit
From a hand that would not spurn.
But when I tried to find its root
Its darker motives I did learn.
And I was left in emptiness,
Downcast, alone and still to yearn.


I thought I smelled a fragrant flower
That led me into deepest night.
In an endless, timeless void,
I floated weightless without sight
Till whirling around in my mind’s eye
I felt a small voice warn in fright,

“Get out right now or you’ll be lost,
You’ve tarried here too long.
Get back to light, get back to Earth,
Get back where you belong.”


I thought I saw a starry shore,
Lapped by a wide and boundless sea,
Mesmerized by the ebb and flow,
Repeated, perpetually.
Then I felt a surge of power,
So strong I began to swoon.
I lifted my eyes and beheld
The beautiful swollen moon.
“Dear moon,” I asked, “is there something
Of wisdom you could share with me?”

She whispered softly in reply,
“There are many things that we could share,
But you fear the light and you fear the dark,
Which face would you have me wear?
Be still, expand and see beyond.
There’ll come a breakthrough if you dare.”


I thought I felt awe as I gazed
Into the sun’s reflected light,
Knowing that on the other side
Was the purest blackest night,
While here I am now in my world
That is neither black nor white,
Just endless shades of silvery grey
That are not too dark or bright.

Perhaps some day all will be clear
When I can conquer all my fear.
Until then I patiently await
As I wipe an errant tear.


I thought my thoughts had stopped, but wait!
There’s something else the moon had said,
“In stillness you direct your fate.
Imagine it within your head.”

Jem: Just a Ride


  1. This is phenomenal, Okei. Fell hard for this one!

  2. Erica, what can I say? You're a great story-teller and I take very little responsibility for how it worked out so well... the inspiration came from elsewhere.

  3. Very nice-when one feels the soft caress of the wind-one does respond

  4. Lol. It marks the beginning of our journey. Enjoy the ride!

    I'm without audio at the moment, but I'm hoping this is right... Jem's "Just a Ride".