Sunday, 9 January 2011

Delta Goodrem - Running Away

Why this creeping sadness that overcomes me?
Much better this than anger or indifference, but why?
What does it signal, is it I or is another suffering?
I bend double with a sneeze that reverberates,
Then silence returns, but for the ticking clock
And the sound of my blue pen tracing these lines
Of silent grief without a reason why –
I hope you are well, my blessings to you always.


Really, I'm fine. And I hope you are too... Just a strange post-holiday feeling.

Here's a song that came into my head after I wrote this...

Running Away

I close my eyes and make a wish for
Inner peace and tranquillity inside
My mind I feel it's changing
Breaking down the defences of my heart
It's like a new adventure
And this is my life
No longer know the girl inside
The stranger in my mind

I'm running away. Running away from you
Though I beg you to stay. I'm running away from you
I'm running away. From predictable
Miss reliable. So methodical
Wanna be individual. And original
So radical. And desirable

Put a message in a bottle
Watch it sail across the ocean blue
So free of limitations
A vision I can only fantasize
I'm floating in a new direction
As this is my life

No longer know the girl inside
The stranger in my mind


  1. Lol, guys are incapable of feelings. Therefore must have been a girl on my mind who made me feel this way. Should say also I wasn't conscious of the "girl inside" line of that song when it came to me.

  2. Ahh, but we are all ying and yang ideally in some kind of mutual balance within and with the world around us. You remind me of a silly joke:) I have a girl inside me who makes me laugh...really, who is it?...don't know!

  3. Well, it is not far afield is it? I like to believe that I can 'shift' between the outlooks of both male and female and don't feel the personal 'only one identification.'

    Besides that, consciousness 'itself' is often referred to in the feminine, as in the Sophia or the Holy Spirit. So it all seems 'right to me.'

    I have a dude inside me too, tells me check facts.

  4. Even if you are picking it up from another... there is something inside resonating... so its always good to "sit with it" and let it be.... clues usually follow...

    Lovely writing...

  5. Blue pens are sensitive. It bends even with a strongest male. We're all 'melty femmes' one point or another -- pride aside. Afterall, hearts function the same.

    Very nice poem, dude!

  6. Thanks Jach! I hadn't thought of it as feminine at the time...just...ah...never mind:) Thanks Nancy! Good advice. I started reading the Daodejing again. Verse 26...beautiful stuff!

  7. Beautiful words even if a bit melancholic.

    Sometimes memories of the past come back to me which can make me sad like gone loved ones. Or badness around. I always remember these are temporary feelings as there is much joy in the world too.

  8. Always nice to see you Had! After reading verse 26 of the Dao, I had the complete opposite feeling, then I had three dreams in one night after not dreaming for a while, and though I hardly remembered any details of them, they felt reassuring.

    In the third of the dreams, I read a news item that a friend of mine had discovered a sunken treasure in a ship of the same name, and then when I clicked on it there was a silent video of skilful people doing football keepy-uppies.

    And just for reference... verse 26 of the Dao rendered in haiku form:

    Centred at the root,
    Heavy and still in oneself,
    The world becomes light.

  9. We believe the same in ways than. I use to have as a blast-"know the cause"
    Treating symptoms doesn't always help if we don't get to the root cause of things.

    "Center at the root..." I like that and agree.

    I do enjoy your posts.