Thursday, 6 January 2011

In Truth, Breaking Free


The image
"Sower of Systems"
George Frederic Watts.

Notice the cloaked figure that fills the picture. It is supposed to be a symbolic representation of the moment of creation. But because of the overall haziness, it is at the crossroads between symbolism and abstract art.

As for the poem, I have only the vaguest idea what it means, so any help you can give me in that regard would be most welcome!

On the River Nile four thousand miles from home,
I weep for time lost and lands I'll never roam.
"Bear patiently," she told me, "Don't lose your heart."
But fate, slow and painful, tore our hands apart.
Reason has no answer to the vital lust
That drives us ever onwards from dust to dust.
Warm breath lights a cold fire, hard graft tills soft earth,
Tenderness stirs resolve – do we know their worth?
A painting of creation hangs on my wall.
I dream, reflecting on life before the fall.
But wake! Truth's light dawns bright as I hear your call!



  1. Great this is, dude!
    I'll try to interpret this from like... another audience view (i'm that anxious audience)?.. so if i'm wrong,.. bite me! i won't mind... hahahahah!
    K, i'm seeing a natural human pattern here -- from birth of consciousness to conflicting paths and blown scuffs of dreams and regrets (like been there-done that kinda stuff). Kinda lost and exhausted and bored in our half-dead bed,.. until realization/faith flicks us back to 'life' and its true meaning. (*biting my nails now)

  2. i take it as someone speaking to the Dark Goddess
    Kali, Hecate, many other names ... the Goddess of enlightment
    the death of the ego and the light of rebirth
    but i'm pagan :)

  3. Was in a rush yesterday,.. so i'm swooping back (sorry... *grin) in here for this -- A great weekend to you, dude!

  4. I very much appreciated your interpretations Betsy & Jach!

    They were very helpful for me. :^)

    You couldn't have been wrong, because I was still exploring myself.