Thursday, 26 July 2012

Love at First Sight: An Urban Romance

“A bus I seek that’s station bound,
I walked from there this morning.
But, oh! my leg it’s hurting now,
I’d like a bus returning.”

“The buses they don’t run from here,
But yonder left they turn in,
Near where the roadworks are you’ll find
The bus stop that you’re yearning.”

“But then it’s still a way to go
To reach that intersection.
And though my leg must suffer more,
I thank you for direction.”
“But why not let me be the cure,
For, my! you are so pretty.
I’ll lend my arm, so come with me
And rest the leg you pity.”
“A funny deal you do propose
To help my leg recover.
Perhaps you think that through your grace
My leg will be won over?”

“My arm will serve as you desire,
Your heart it would win over
And even should the rains come down,
Then I would lend you cover.”

“Why must you dream of thunderstorms,
So you can find me shelter?
When now my leg is burning hot,
And while you speak I swelter.”

“Then come at once back to my place
Let me blow your pains away.
The sun will hide its jealous face,
Darkening as our shadows play.”

“I had a feeling from the start,
That when we met, it was fate.
My sorry leg has touched your heart,
But what if it were just a bait?”

“Walk on by, dear maiden fair
And I will always think of you
And how you stood so sorry there,
Wondering if this love were true.”

“My mind was never more made up
My heart never felt so sure,
But when my leg has found relief
Would you still your sweetness pour?”
“Come gentle nymph across thy sea
Of petty uncertainty.
I will rid you of all trace
Of the worry in your face.”

“Then seal the pledge upon my lips
That you’ll ever faithful be
To me, the stranger from afar
Whom you happened once to see.” 

(They kiss in passionate embrace)

What next? no information —

The transcript ends: it’s left to grace...
And your imagination.


The image is "Le Coquillage" (The Shell) 
by Jean-Baptiste Valadié (born 1933).


  1. Such tales of love, oft left untold,
    Abound in our fair city.
    But did this one grow hot ot cold?
    We'll never find out. Pity.

  2. Lol! And wow, you even kept the same syllable counts 8-7-8-7 of the original verses, which gave secret structure.

    I'm a romantic, and though with a ring of urban myth about it, I'd prefer to think of this as fantasy... I imagine the fire is burning still. :) Forever always.

  3. *smiles*
    I was praised, at school, for my ability to write poetry with perfect scansion. I never let on - I used to write them to hymn tunes.

  4. It's all in a song, as Tamara says. :)


  5. Aww, this was really clever and cute Okei. :) Well done, I enjoyed it.

    Way to go Jon too! :)

  6. HaPPY you enjoyed!

    It's funny because at the Olympic Opening Ceremony,last night, there was a Love at First Sight story called Frankie and June say thanks to Tim, used to showcase the best of British music through the ages and also to thank the British creator of the world web, Tim Berners-Lee whom no-one has heard of, at least not me... he was very adamant that his invention should be given to the world for free. "This is for Everyone" the slogan, they want people to feel the same about the Olympic games too (though it isn't... I want to take part, but they would charge me just to spectate, lol). So many things happening simultaneously (and I don't even have a tv or computer at home so I have to go out if I want to watch the Opening Ceremony... but it was worth it!). Oh, and the irony that they're taking down all Olympic footage off YouTube which is the one place where people worldwide could see it.