Monday, 2 July 2012

Three Poems by Conceição Lima (São Tomé)

This is a 2nd video recording I took from an excellent and free reading-of-world-poetry-in-translation event I went to yesterday.



They bore sunsets and roads
Thirst for the horizon called them
- Who do you belong to?
Who are your people?
That's how our grandmother held out
A mug of water to the traveller

Three Contemporary Truths

I believe in the invisible
I believe in the levitation of witches
I believe in vampires
Because they are

Cataclysm and Songs

Happy what's left of me after I'm gone
If only one of the songs sung
Lives beyond the person singing in me now.
Yet I would not save from the slaughter
A single one of the songs I sang and sing.
Instead from the entrails of oblivion
I would steal the laughter of children
And the age of the proverb.
And so to those who come 
I would offer intact the enigma of light

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