Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rainbow of Enchantment

Rainbow of Enchantment

BLACK: I want to dream inside your darkness.
VIOLET: I want to share your joy and your pain.
BLUE: I want to see the world in your eyes.
GREEN: I want to dance on your hidden shore.
YELLOW: I want to make love to you slowly.
ORANGE: I want to sense your pregnant spirit.
RED: I want to know your secret heaven.
PINK: I want to give you tears of happiness.
———WHITE: I want to be your eternal truth.———

GREY: I want nothing to do with your shades!
Give me music, laughter, sorrow, play
Come as child, mother, sorceress, fey,
Day or night, whatever whisperers say,
You are the sky that clouds conceal, so pray
Be shadow, dancer, rainbow, but nay!
Never, dear friend!, let desire turn grey.

In thyself, I know, you’ll find your way.

The image is something random I came across on Tumblr, and following back to the source, I found it's a vintage clothing company from Taiwan! Who'd have guessed?


  1. just pointing out why the buddha saw disadvantage in passion. i spoke to a young dad today (much younger than me). he told me that the birth changed his whole life & direction. i guess if you're ready for it, it's okay. i like the idea of spiritual baby, yes. : )

  2. a bit like the snake shedding it's skin. how's tricks?

  3. Love is creative, the baby is a symbol of the creativity of love. It's a beautiful thing. From the two comes the one that represents that love... but every love can become pregnant and creative in the same sense...inspiring "results" which can take manifest forms. :)

  4. (I've had similar thoughts before, myself).

  5. Yes! I still love love, and metta is love!

  6. "metta is love" ....Yes, it is

    .... wonderful enchanted rainbow ....... thanks Okie.

    sorry for not getting back to you sooner....
    a little crazy busy here lately.....


  7. Thank you for reading!

    I really wasn't expecting much response to the blog, and happy to see you, so trying to remember if there was something else you meant to get back to me on? If there was, don't worry about it. Hopefully, we'll keep in touch, and never any rush about that kind of thing.

    Same to Arjuna, I'm the one needing to get back to you, lol. I want to wait till I get to a computer. But thank you! Metta!

    Same to all. I'll be karmice at gmail and at tumblr if you want to share your thoughts or blogs with me, or let me share mine with you... as well as dropping by at your sites when I can.

    Metta all! :)