Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cœur de Pirate — Francis

Cœur de Pirate
— Francis

English translation. 
Original French lyrics by Beatrice Martin

Francis, you have so much to say
But it all stays locked inside
And when you know not what to say
That’s when the tears begin to slide.
But to your fans, it wouldn’t seem
You had anything to hide
You encourage them to dream,
And all your secrets you confide.

Francis, the words stay firmly glued
In front of this girl who wants
Nothing more than to be wooed
But you don’t know that’s what she wants.
Your throat tightens and you go dumb
Your heart beats fast every time
The sight of her makes you numb
So scared, you don’t act in time.

As for me, I won’t forget you
And I trust that you’ll help spur
Those who feel the same for you
As you write in your songs for her.

Francis, I just want you to know
I’ll be leaving very soon,
I will think of you, you know
Each time my fingers play your tune.
Remember how we were enthralled,
And never will you lose heart
So long as you'll not be falled
By those who’d rather tear apart.



Hille said: This was truly lovely, I love french music but had never heard of her before, reminded me of many sweet and child-like female voices who I am a fan of like Emiliana Torrini, Stina Nordenstam and Lisa Ekdahl. Thanks for the translation, spot on!
okei said: Really glad you enjoyed this. I love her voice and from an interview I heard she seems like a really sweet person. I once bought a CD by Nordenstam when I was a big fan of Enya, but don't listen to that kind of thing much now. I haven't heard of the other two names you mentioned. But Coeur de Pirate is alive and vibrant somehow as well as being child-like, more like world music which I love...I'm very tempted to buy her album.  Edit: I did buy her album!

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