Saturday, 13 October 2012

Unexpected Beauty

Eyes not up nor down, 
   focused on the heart.
Each step could go right 
   or left or walk into 
   another universe. 
Each breath, 
   each moment, 


"Each step could go right or left or walk into another universe." Hille said: I like that. :) I think I am mostly doing the last these days, when synchronicity keeps bombarding you then no sort of fiction can surpass the strangeness of reality!
I really was doing walking meditation while using this poem (which I'd written 3 days earlier) as a contemplation technique, a philosophy of "expect the unexpected" and a sense of presence in every moment, when I turned the corner and was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful rainbow...and of course the desire to grasp it surfaced and I just had to take out my mobile to photograph it.
Karol said: How good is this.!... Thanks for the beautiful poem, the beautiful rainbow, and a very good technique.

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