Thursday, 21 February 2013

Across life's sea...

Across life's sea...
A warm glow, a sunset, a starless night,
A vast ocean of despondency.

A memory...
A memory of warmth and light,
A hope, a prayer, a desire.

And we plough on...
In laughter, in sleep, in death,
A vast ocean of discouragement.

And we tear down to the bare bones
And we rise up to the snowy peaks,
What keeps us going?...

The power, the strength, the will,
The knowledge soft and gentle,
Rippling deep within us...

Yes to the world and all who love,
Yes to everything that breathes or moves,
Yes! my love, my sweet, my dream...

Everything will be ok,
Come at once, we'll dance and dine,
And spare no effort from this day
Nor waste another line.


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