Saturday, 8 June 2013

More Friendly Limericks

Adapted from Peregrine (eyesblazeout): 
Painting by Alain Dumas
They arrested a girl from Racine
In flagrante with a huge coffee bean.
Though barely addicted,
She was tried and convicted 
And forbidden from touching caffeine

For Catherine (wistfuleden): 

Photo by Danny Simpson
There was a Canadian called Catherine
Who got gold in women's heptathlon
Though out-run and out-jumped
And her shot-put out-thumped,
Her javelin hit a cyclone to win.

For Ingrid (rabbitfriend): 

The nature girl Ingrid was dreaming
When a rabbit came to her scheming,
"Dear lady, protect us,
The poachers have wrecked us."
So she gave it a rifle gleaming.

To the gentle Ingrid we give thanks
Though her gift of a rifle had blanks,
For now our rabbit-sons
Have learnt how to make guns
And our poachers are hiding in tanks.

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