Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunset on the Spire (Elinor Morton Wylie)

All that I dream
By day or night
Lives in that stream
Of lovely light.
Here is the earth,
And there is the spire;
This is my hearth,
And that is my fire.
From the sun’s dome
I am shouted proof
That this is my home,
And that is my roof.
Here is my food,
And here is my drink,
And I am wooed
From the moon’s brink.
And the days go over,
And the nights end;
Here is my lover,
Here is my friend.
All that I
Can ever ask
Wears that sky
Like a thin gold mask.

Elinor Morton Wylie  

Photo: “Magic Water Sunset lights up St. Luke’s” —okei (09/12/2012)

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