Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Castle on the Hill

The Castle on the Hill 

Once there was water here

It ran down the valleys

As tall grasses and trees 

Lent over and drank deep.

Now there is no water,

But where a stream had run

A rocky path remains

A path I follow

To lead me home

Away from here

From this place of secret beauty,
Down from the castle that I climbed
Down from the sea and sky

Up and over these winding hills
Into the woods encircling them 
Out to the world that man has built 
And a place where I can drink.

Before I reach my destination,
Two girls on bicycles stop to read a map—
I ask, and they are kind to lend me
Two squirts from their drinking bottle,
Enough to save me on my way.

Photo: “Castel de Montgri” by —okei

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