Friday, 10 July 2009

Angel of the Morning

Be there with the sunshine!
Wake me from my slumbers!
Rouse me from my dreaming!
Stimulate my senses!

With your haunting fragrance,
I know morning is up,
When you come fill my cup
Drawing apart the cloak
Of my expectant soul.
I open to you, but you
Still burn at the first touch,
Then, relenting, you warm
To my faithful embrace.

Your silky smoothness slips
Between quivering lips
You brush my tongue and enter
Deep inside my centre.

Steal my tranquility!
Leave me buzzing and high!
Make me feel I’m alive!
Satisfy my desire!

I know tomorrow morn
When I spread out and yawn,
Again I'll be thirsting
Apprehension bursting
To take you once more,
For always you promise
Indescribable bliss,
From the moment we kiss,
Oh, my dear morning coffee.

which left so much unexplored that I couldn't help just extending it a bit.


  1. hahhh-hahhh-hahhh! SUPERB!!!
    My "internal mug" didn't just twisted out of shape, but really melted with that! Oooooooh!
    You ARE soooooooo "express-oh" filled to your brim, dude! I appaud to that!

  2. lol. jach's poem? it's pretty nice. the pic remind me of the heat of dry season. thanks for reposting it, okei

  3. *swoon...* oh you've done it again!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Looks like women will be redundant very soon in hot-blooded men's lives :)

    Good job...done so longingly, LOL!

  6. Jach, I'm glad you liked it... it was your idea, so your espresso, so I'm glad you found that in filling up the espresso to the brim, I didn't lose the taste, though maybe we need a more powerful mug to "contain" it.

  7. Dryad, it's not a re-post, more like completing a poem by Jach which felt unfinished.

  8. But if we change our point of view, the "I" in the poem could be a woman, it could be the girl in the picture even... (I have an admission to make... I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself.)

    And anyway, it's just a poem about drinking a cup of coffee. Just because you were tricked into thinking something different whilst reading it. ;^) So the sensual bliss of one thing doesn't mean we cannot have other pleasures. Sensuality in all things, even.

    Edit: But the analogy of coffee is interesting... it energizes, but also disturbs our calm.

  9. Thanks everyone for the appreciation. A loving prolonging of Jach's original idea, lol.

    I actually have an edit, so I'm going to replace the first four lines of the last verse which originally read

    "So tomorrow morning
    Please don’t keep me waiting!
    For I will be yearning.
    I’ll never cease thirsting"

    I hope the change will be an improvement...

  10. LOL! I guess I should say "Oops!"

  11. *groan*

    oh please.... let me NOT picture you a blonde in tight red space jumpsuit.

  12. awesome!... more iiiiisssszzzzz....

  13. Thankfully my imagination is limited in being quite unable to form such a picture. Unless of course "I" is not me, and the above was written not by me, but by a blonde called Britney. At least the "Brit" part is right...

  14. Jach, thanks for the reassurance that you think it's an improvement. More iiisssszzz is a good way of putting it, but not sure if that's always a good thing... I don't want it to become a sing-song, but yes, I think I like it better now.

  15. The idea of coffee as seductive is not new it seems. I just heard that when the coffee chain Starbucks was founded they wanted a sea-theme, so when deciding their logo they were trying to choose between an anchor and a mermaid. They surveyed some college students and the mermaid won hands-down. And it is the mermaid you see today, a two-tailed siren. Having a seductive mermaid on coffee cups was fine, but putting their logo up in large on delivery lorries when they became a big corporation, they had to be a bit more discreet. So their logo changed... they lengthened the hair and zoomed in on the face. And the result is much nicer in my opinion.

    I'd never realized though that it was a mermaid before, and coincidental that I should hear about it just yesterday when I was writing a poem about mermaids (which I've now posted).