Saturday, 25 July 2009


This poem is almost prophetic, certainly symbolic, and yet no more than a draft idea, perhaps to come back to one day.

High on a hill I was waiting, watching the setting sun

Waiting at the anointed hour, waiting for the one,

The one who would take my hand as the hour of dusk drew near

And before I could turn to see her, whispered in my ear, 

“Hold on to this sunset, as the gold rays disappear,

Hold on to this moment, and keep the memory dear.”

I felt a shiver down my spine, a tingle of delight, 

As I watched the red rays’ splendour fade away to night.

“If you search for beauty,” she sighed, “that is but a taste”

As she curled her arm about my waist and turned to show her face.
Looking deep into my eyes in the shadows of the night, 

She promised she would be my guide and lead me to the light.

Then down the hill she led me, step by step in time, 

Each step a step to freedom, each step a dancing rhyme. 

“The past is history, the future’s a mystery,” she said,

“The present is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

The gift that I will give you is a chamber far below, 

A chamber where you make the rules and all the secrets know. 

A chamber of fantasy, but don't do as you please, 

For if you break your own rules, you’ll soon be on your knees. 

But with practice you will learn the wonders of this world, 

And how when truly sensed, its splendors are unfurled. 

The sights and sounds and tastes, and joy of pleasure’s scent, 

All there for you to savour at your heart's content. 

But the journey won’t be easy, a journey in your mind, 

To relax, let go and truly know the things you want to find.”

“I have no words to thank you,” I gushed out in reply,

“But will you be my guide there or abandon me and fly?”

“Stay close!”, she said, “young soldier and do just what I say, 

For in this world are dangers too and you mustn’t go astray. 

Stay connected to me. I can but show the way. 

And tell you how the chamber works and leave you there to play.

We came before a hidden door and my guide pulled out a key.

Below stretched out a spiral stair and by the hand she held me.

This letting go made feelings flow. I felt at peace and free.

She told me how there were two halves, the blue for fantasy
Where everything comes true, and how also a half that’s red 

Where all the questions that had plagued me, I could ask instead.

And though she could not enter in the chamber by my side, 

I could later call on her and everything confide.

Down the spiral stair she led me into the black abyss 

And in darkness washing over me, I felt a state of bliss.

No doubt or fear along this path, I felt myself a ball 

Somersaulting, rolling, tumbling to a graceful fall.

The next thing I knew, I was outside the chamber true,

Standing before the door marked fantasy in blue

Though many things my guide had told me, I remembered few,

Except to love and trust myself and see what I could do...


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