Thursday, 18 November 2010

Buddha on The Dark

Sayings of Buddha on "The Dark".
Rendered in haiku form.

This is twenty-second in the series.

The image is "Nymphs and Satyr" by the French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Liars find darkness,
As do all evil-doers
Who deny the truth.

Lies about oneself,
Lies about others, both lead
Into the dark world.

Though up to their necks
Dressed in yellow, many monks
Have evil natures.

Lacking self-control
In thought, word and deed, many
Suffer for their sins.

Better to swallow
Red-hot lumps of molten iron
Than fruits of deceit.

If you lack morals
And restraint, better to burn
Than accept alms-food.

Four misfortunes fall
Upon the man who makes love
With another’s wife.

He who’s unmindful
Of right conduct acquires faults
Of the wicked man.

The wicked lose sleep.
They fall into disrepute
And suffer darkness.

Losing character,
And fearing retribution,
Sinful joy is short.

Just as a grass blade
May cut one’s hand, so small slips
May drag a monk down.

An act that is quick,
Careless, corrupt or dubious
Is not of much use.

Whatever you do,
Do it well and firm and strong,
All your heart in it.

With resolution,
Follow through to the end, for
Slackness scatters dust.

The evil deed hides
In fear of its discovery
And causes torment.

The good deed hidden
Is a light behind a veil
That brings only joy.

Better do nothing
Than evil which you’ll regret,
But best to do good.

Like a border town,
Guard yourself within, without
And seize this moment.

Do not pass the time,
For those who miss the moment
Fall into darkness.

Feel shame where shame’s due
And not for things unshameful.
Wrong views bring darkness.

Feel fear in danger
And not where there’s no danger.
Wrong views bring darkness.

Don’t imagine wrongs.
Know what’s truly wrong and rise,
Happy in right views.


  1. Barbecue and grilling :)))
    Nice one!

  2. "Dressed in yellow, many monks
    Have evil natures."

    I read many things he said about the fake mask people wear-pretending good. Things haven't changed in thousands of years has it? Except maybe they get even better at it

    "Whatever you do,
    Do it well and firm and strong,
    All your (good) heart in it."

    Good advise

  3. That verse suprised me! Normally, you would expect that to be said about other religions but not one's own followers. Imagine if the Pope came out and said that many Catholic priests were bad people. The good priests would feel let down. But he's just saying they are just like the rest of society with the same flaws, not some exalted special class of being. They still need to work at doing their best.