Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Buddha on The Just

Sayings of Buddha on "The Just".
Rendered in haiku form.

This is ninteenth in the series.

The image is "Astraea" by the Danish Baron Arild Rosenkrantz.

The just serve justice,
Not their whims, weighing with care
What’s right and what’s wrong.

Faithful to the law,
The wise abide by its rules,
So keep the law safe.

Observing the law,
Unswayed by inclinations,
They are its guardians.

Much talk means little
If a man is not peaceful,
Free from hate or harm.

Learning means little
If one does not understand
And live mindfully.

Little talk means much
For one whose words spring from peace
And awaken joy.

One may hear one verse

Of wisdom and seeing Truth
Be filled with wisdom.

One who sees the Truth
May know or talk little, yet
Live a mindful sage.

The sign of wisdom
Is not grey hair, for a man
May grow old in vain.

Wisdom’s signs are found
In understanding, virtue,
Restraint and kindness.

Fine words or good looks
Cannot free a heart from greed,
Envy or deceit.

The wise like gardeners
Root out weeds and cleanse the soil
So their hearts are pure.

Though he shaves his head,
How can he be a seeker
If he lacks morals?

He who has vanquished
All evils, great and small, he
Is a true seeker.

Though he stands for alms,
Because he acts not in Truth,
He is not a monk.

A monk lays aside
Good and evil in this world
And lives a pure life.

He who holds nothing,
Meditates, goes beyond, he
Is indeed a monk.

Though he is silent,
Silence may mask ignorance,
Not signal wisdom.

The wise are silent,
Because they reflect what’s right
Like a pair of scales.

He who understands
Both inner and outer, he
Indeed has wisdom.

Nobles cause no harm.
He who harms no living thing
Is indeed noble.

Not mere good conduct,
Concentration, seclusion,
Or faith is enough.

In wise attributes,
Wisdom is not to be found,
But in attainment.

When you distinguish
A thing from its contents, then
You’ll have gained wisdom.

Depend on nothing,
And do not rest content till
You are enlightened.


  1. Thanks Nancy!

    I thought I would pause here, especially after such a long one and also because I haven't been online much lately. But... the momentum has kept me going, and the twentieth instalment is coming shortly.