Saturday, 6 November 2010

Buddha on The Path

Sayings of Buddha on "The Path".
Rendered in haiku form.

This is twentieth in the series.

The image is "Sir Galahad" by Arthur Hughes.

Of the eightfold path,
Four truths and law of craving,
The Buddha sees all.

There’s only one path,
None other – follow this path
To see like Buddha.

Outwit temptation,
Break illusion, remove thorns
And heal sorrow’s wounds.

How to know this path?
Having myself found the path,
I’ve shown it to you.

Do you have the will?
Masters can but show the way.
Now it’s up to you.

With calm and insight,
Practice meditation and
May you break all bonds.

All form is formless,
Transient, changing, so be it!
Enough of sorrow!

Life is imperfect,
A rocky ride, let it be!
Enough of sorrow!

All is without self.
To have this insight, aha!
Enough of sorrow!

These three are one path.
Meditate on change, on pain
And on the beyond.

On this shining path,
Purity comes through insight,
So make the effort.

You are young and strong,
So arise and concentrate
Lest you lose the way.

Be careful in speech,
Well-focused in mind, and calm
And pure in action.

In meditation,
Wisdom’s born, and it’s lost by
Not meditating.

Knowing this process
Of gain and loss, you should act
To increase wisdom.

Sorrow comes from greed.
Cut the forest of craving,
Don’t cut the real tree.

Craving breeds danger.
Cut the forest of craving,
Burn its undergrowth.

If lust is not cut,
And the slightest trace remains,
Then it spells bondage.

In thoughts for women,
Man is bound like a young calf
Bound to its mother.

Pluck the pleasant thought,
Like a bright autumn lily,
Knowing it will fade.

You have heard tell of
The desireless realm, so take
The path that leads there.

“Here I’ll set up camp
Through rain and shine,” thinks the fool,
Not sensing danger.

One attached to kids
And comforts is swept like floods
A sleeping village.

Sons, daughters, parents
Cannot protect one from Death,
Nor can friends or kin.

He’s a wise man who
Has morals, clears the path, and
Looks after himself.


  1. Thanks Tam!

    You can tell Buddha wasn't a family man, lol.

    Women must have been seen as so dangerously attractive for the Buddhist monks going round asking for alms. :)


    Say "yes" to God, God will say "yes" to thee;
    To Heaven's gate this is the golden key.
    About my earthly road I do not care;
    It may be long; short is God's road to me.

    from Frithjof Schuon, "Road to the Heart" (1995)

  3. Hi Nancy! Thanks, and you'll love Schuon... link below in navy blue to some of his poetry and a 2-minute video in which he summarized his philosophy. I think he's amazing, though perhaps overly erudite for some people's taste.

  4. I loved the Schuon video...."a man after my own heart" not TOO erudite at all :-))) couldn't agree more with his philosophy! Very simple and straightforward, but you almost have to be there already to appreciate his level of knowledge. He probably is not recommended for the beginner struggling with life...

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Yep, you're probably right, Nancy. I think his style takes a certain philosophical frame of mind. I like it myself! It's very easy to get lost in the abstractions, but hey, if it's fun why not!


    Thanks again Nancy & Lee for dropping by. Blessings!

  6. And on the beyond

    Does it say this? Why not

    And on selflessness