Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chopin - Kobayashi, Igoshina, Lisitsa & Rubinstein

I've been listening to a lot of Chopin the last few weeks.
The delicacy of Valentina Igoshina I shared in a past video post:

Nancy said: She IS Chopin.... This was playing when we wandered through the garden of Żelazowa Wola, his birthplace....lovely... okei said: :))))

It turns out there's another talented Valentina: Valentina Lisitsa. Her finger-speed is quite special, and she seems especially good at the fast, complicated, powerful pieces

And then there's the master Arthur Rubinstein, here performing in his last recital at the age of 89!
He played the same piece in the 1950 film Carnegie Hall when he was only 63. And he also played it here to the Moscow Conservatory in 1964. You can tell he knew how to have fun...

And maybe... this is the future? :^)


  1. This is truly splendid indeed, dear Jamintoo !

    Thank you very much.

    Take care.

  2. You're welcome, Catherine! Glad you enjoyed. :^)

  3. Enjoyed comparing these...

    Igoshina and this last young lady's playing were exquisite, but the Rubinstein and Litsitsa approaches were a bit "foot heavy" and Slavic for my tastes... here's another performer with a lighter - more Chopin- esque approach... :-)

  4. Argerich... thanks for the pointer... she's great! I like it!

    A friend of mine was practicing the Heroic and was apparently very inspired when younger by Rubinstein's performance at 89. I'm musically illiterate myself, so I'm not even sure what "foot heavy" means. I do love Igoshina's exquisitely soft touch though...

  5. His use of the damper pedal with Chopin's works really bugs me but he was an impressive musician.... that must have been quite a concert!