Thursday, 30 December 2010

Solitude (Anna Akhmatova)

This is my version of a translation from the Russian of a poem by Anna Akhmatova written in 1914. Thank you to Betsy (carinadolce) for drawing my attention to this poem! 


So many stones have been flung my way,
They fizz past, I no longer cower
And this ivory cage in which I stay
Now stands tall, a majestic tower.

To those who carved out its mighty wall,
I am grateful for the part they played.
I wish them joy and would bless them all,
"May sorrows pass you, be not afraid".

Now the first splendid glimpse of sunrise,
And sunset's bright rays, laughing their last,
Through my chamber windows greet my eyes,
While winds of the northern seas fly past.

From my hand, a dove eats grains of wheat.
Meanwhile, the fragment verse calmly waits
For the Muse's worn hand to complete
The gift divine from the palm of fate.