Thursday, 8 December 2016

Don't Worry Be Grumpy (Ajahn Brahm)

Genre: Spiritual
Tagline:Practical Tools from Ajahn Brahm
As well as being full of wisdom and laugh-out-loud stories, there are also several practical tips in Ajahn Brahm’s book, “Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy” which I’d love to share. But these are just selective reminders — you’ve got to go read the book!

1) Let go of painful memories. We only keep beautiful photos to surround ourselves with. So too we should keep only beautiful memories and let go of memories that cause suffering.

2) Water the goodness in others and in yourself with attention and love. Instead of trying to “fix” what is unwholesome, let it wither away.

3) Accept praise. You deserve it. But do not compare yourselves with others. 

4) Give praise generously and sincerely. Criticism strikes home at once, but praise takes fifteen seconds to get through. If the need arises for constructive criticism, then use the sandwich technique.

5) Lower expectations, and change your attitude. See the goodness in others, and the beauty in ugliness. If you cannot see it, imagine it!

6) Be a visitor to your own home at least one day a week to let go of the feeling of ownership and the need to control things. Be instead a watcher.

7) Enjoy the in-between moments in life. Enjoy the journey, not only the destination.

8) If you need to make a decision, toss a coin to test out how you feel.

9) In life and death situations, ask for permission: from your pet, from your loved one.

10) In looking after someone, focus on caring, not curing; the process, not the endpoint. If we focus on curing, then we will sometimes fail and guilt will follow. If we focus on caring, we know we gave our best.

11) In a relationship, don’t think of yourself. Don’t think of the other! Think only of us!!

12) If you try to capture a moment in a photograph or in words, you might miss it. Stay present, and experience with wonder. Then it will be unforgettable.

13) Promise honesty with your loved ones and commitment to work together. Honesty and forgiveness are much more important than hiding and covering our mistakes.

14) Let go: both what you love and what you hold onto. What you love will come back if the love is reciprocated and what you hold onto, take a break, and you can always get back to it.

15) Live simply.

16) Cultivate loving kindness.

17) Make wholesome things forbidden and they become more attractive.

18) Eat the food, not the menu. Practice, don’t just preach.

19) 20 push-ups every morning. Pushing up the corners of your lips.

20) Happy or grumpy, you have Ajahn Brahm’s permission… it’s ok!

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