Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The most important blog you'll ever read!

What are you feeling? Excitement that I’m about to tell you the meaning of the universe, life and everything? Or cynicism – you’ve heard it all before? Just to clarify something early, this likely isn’t the most important blog you’ll ever read. In fact, nothing you ever read will be of much importance compared to the things that you do. Yet here you are reading this! In fact, you’re not likely to hear anything new, especially if you’ve been reading for a while.

So how do you feel now?

Angry? Touch in with the anger and take its temperature.

Thinking of what you’ll click on next? Touch in with that feeling and give up the clickety-ghost.

Still reading persistently? Go use that energy to touch in with your own vital creativity.

Restless, don’t know what to do? Feel it really, then make the choice to let the monkey go.

Are you enlightened yet? Thought not. Feel that special unenlightened feeling. When you’re enlightened, you’ll never get to feel it again.

Blissed out and feeling high as a mountain? Wow, my blog really did that to you? Punches the air. But don’t get complacent. Keep practicing.

And remember, don’t forget to breathe… 

With your whole body.

Just as you can tense a muscle and let it go to fully relax it, so you can do the same with your mind. Really touch in with your emotions, even the negative ones, and get to know their energies. Thank them when they arise, for they are your teachers. When the energy is stripped to its essence, only wisdom remains.

There’s only one thing you can’t touch into, and that’s inertia. If the visit is unwelcome, then like in-laws your only defence is to prepare yourself (...leave the house, lol) before the moment of arrival. Become aware of the approach signals, and move your body and move your mind, deploying your imaginative resources to harness your strengths and be your best – yourself.

Peace out! A wonderful thanksgiving to you all!

–okei, naturally not celebrating… except in spirit. :^) Thanks for reading!

Source: This is actually based on a Buddhist talk I went to, but I thought I'd leave out the technicalities, spice it up and give it a thanksgiving theme.

This was originally posted to Buddhist Travellers in 2010.

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