Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dreams, Love, Death & Life

I found a few really old poems that I wrote as a kid which must have been copied from the very first computer my parents bought. Most were written on the occasions of people's birthdays. So from the vaults... I present to you three poems on the very deep subjects of Dreams, Love, Death & Life. I can't quite believe I wrote them, lol.

I enter bed and close my eyes;
In the darkness, there she lies,
A strange phantom with hypnotic powers
Leads me through the land's great towers.
And while beneath the gates I walk,
I hear the beings of both lands talk:
In mine, the sounds of sorrow and sin,
In her's of happiness among fellow kin.
I enter her land and amazed I behold
The colours, the riches, the gold,
Astronauts, pilots, sailors and all.
But there in the corner I see a monster so tall
Guarding the Field of Black Living Sand,
The one evil thing that man dreads from this land,
That makes him with utmost haste depart.
In my adventure I was the hero, central part
But then through the gates I wandered afar
Into my monotonous polluted world, a scar
To nature and the universe.

--okei (1993)

Love and Death

Though I am young and cannot tell
Either what Death or Love is well,
Yet I have heard they both bear darts,
And both do aim at human hearts;
And then again I have been told
Love wounds with heat as Death with cold;
So that I fear they do but bring
Extremes to touch and mean one thing.

--Ben Jonson (1637)

Love would mould the world together,
For its grasp abides forever,
But, alas! Touched not are some hearts
By wily Cupid's poisoned darts.
Death is the fate of all living things:
Plants, birds, fish and creatures with wings.
I believe it not to be so cold,
But new life: a cure for the old.

--okei (1994)

La Vie

La vie est un r
êve du seul et unique ciel:
Aussi amer que le citron et aussi doux que le miel,
Une cha
îne de choix ou une série de problèmes.
La Terre est un paradis perdu mais aussi m
Un paradis retrouv
é où on passe
Nos jours de joie sur sa jolie face.
Quand nous mourons, nous nous r
Et voyons le vrai monde o
ù nous habitons.

--okei (1994)

Approximate Translation:

Life is a dream under the one and only heaven:
As bitter as lemons and as sweet as honey,
A sequence of choices or a multitude of problems.
The Earth is a lost paradise, but equally
A paradise re-found where we spend
Our days of joy upon its pretty face.
And when we die we shall wake up
And see the true world in which we live. 


  1. I was really surprised by the last of these... but I can't find it on google, so I guess that means I must have written it! I hadn't remembered writing a second poem in French (the first on the same theme and written at the same time I posted in my June Dreams blog).

  2. giggle the poet emerges again .....perhaps now u see what i mean by a childs innocent view but never the less unimportant ....children have better views then adults sometimes ..not jaded or misformed opinions jus more factual of what they see......well done n ty for sharing ....very cool okei ....
    thats y I think children r wonderful seems less lies n masks in them ....less jaded views n simple truths .....I always like to learn things from them ...
    :) s this was little okei who thought apparently about more then a thesis oriented ??? a dreamer ...wishful person .. n so much more .....taking life not jus for what it was but also thinking about it ...moulding your person as u grew ..interesting ....
    very nice okei ....:) maybe u will post more of them one day

  3. pppsssttt again ty for posting them ..I appreciate itmuch ..

  4. Ahhh, I'm really glad you liked it fire. It's tempting to post more, but it would swamp all else (even though it's only a fraction of the poetry I wrote that I found, it is a good fraction), so I'll only post things if they carry meaning to me at the present time.

  5. What insight you had at such a young age! So well done, Okei

  6. It even moved you to comment despite your wrist giving trouble and everything. Take care, Cyn, and thanks a lot. Looking at some of my old poems really makes me laugh at any idea of "progress".

  7. u know u can call me by my real name but if u wish to call me fire its ok ...i understand okei ... :) sharing things only u wish to ...yup understand that much

  8. That's the wonder and mystery of a child's mind! They are beyond limits in terms of breadth and depth. Einstein realise this in his quest as a scientist, and therefore remind all of us, to go back to the mind of a child, before any conditionings of thinking, before any shaping by any ideas or concepts. The moment of observation itself, is loads of treasures, just like what your poems have revealed.

    Good Job! :)

  9. man. you're a genius since you were a little boy! where did you get the inspiration? it's very beautiful.