Sunday, 16 August 2009

Friendly Limericks

I’m now about to pack so I can escape to Spain today(!) to join my family on holiday. I hope you all have a fantastic summer, doing everything that’s important to you, and if possible having lots of fun.

The first five limericks are to whet the appetite… along with the sixth, they’re from the vaults again, dating back to 1992/3. The sixth onwards are especially for my first few contacts on Multiply. Apologies to my lovely more recent contacts... some of the rhymes were too difficult and also some of you I don’t know well enough. In fact, I don’t know any of you well enough, so please forgive the friendly fun, especially when I've completely made stuff up.


There was an old man of Bombay
Who to the world would grandly say,
“Stop all your turning,
Go and start learning.”
That learned old man of Bombay.

There was an old man of Taiwan,
Who lived in a granary barn.
He slept in the straw
And walked out at four,
That clever old man of Taiwan.

There was a young man of Laos,
Who loved to see utter chaos.
He made it himself,
With his little elf,
That troublesome man of Laos.

There was a young man of Moscow,
Whose greatest hobby was to row.
He went the same way,
On every day
In his room where rivers don’t flow.

There was a young man of Tibet,
Who lost thousands of pounds in a bet.
He pondered, he thought,
An idea he sought
And found two rupees in his net.

There was a man of the Philippines,
Who wore enormously long jeans.
He fell to the ground
And amazed he found
Emeralds as big as broad beans.

There was a young lady of Malaysia
Who designed buildings all over East Asia
The king gave her two hours
To make a palace of flowers
And she did because nothing would faze her.

There was a young girl of the West
Who loved everything that was best.
She sang so pretty
A sprite heard her ditty
And she was eternally blessed.

There was a young girl of Newfoundland
Who dreamed of warm nights on white sand
All her wishes came true
Right out of the blue
And she found that she was enlightened.

There was a young girl of Alabama
Who would run like a nail from a hammer
One day she was stilled
With Peace she was filled
And Love she showed even to a spammer.

There was a girl of the Malay
Who practiced the art of the Way
She sat very still
And focused her will
Till she taught her mind to obey.

There was a young man of Dayton
Who fought against the wiley Satan
He saw through the lies
Of Satan's disguise
That clever young man of Dayton.

There was a young dryad of the wood
Who went out at night when she could
She spoke to the stars
To Venus and Mars
And rejoiced when they understood.

There was a lady of New Delhi
Who couldn't stand the rubbish on telly
So she sat in a nook
Got out a good book
And read all the verses of Shelley.

There was a girl of New Orleans
Who tried to cure troublesome teens.
She took them for a swim
Showed them how to play Nim
And taught them to paint abstract scenes.


  1. it's very nice. so, there's a young man from Dayton and young dryad from the wood who love to speak to stars? sounds like my dryad. :) hmm. . . cool, okei :)

  2. A man we call Okei, my friend,
    Upon realizing summers near end,
    Did take off for Spain
    On a great big airplane,
    Some time with his family to spend.

    I'll, miss you.

  3. Very nice effort :)

    Though I can't recognise seems like an acknowledgement/tribute to your friends/contacts!

    Have a Safe Journey...and ENJOY a family reunion!

    Come back with lot many stories/anecdotes...will be waiting to hear all :))

  4. nice of u to do a tribute to your contacts n i am sure thye r pleased :)
    however that being said i am sure they tribute things back to u also ...
    i think u r very cool okei ..i said this many times b4 ....
    n though u r off to spain I will keep u in mind n all the thoughts that gather will wait for you to return so that we can say hello again in passing or stop n have our lemon pankcakes lol:) while we discuss our minds wonders lol
    so till then to the lil one whose 8 n to the man whose?? loll
    well I will wait till u return n look forward to chatting again .

  5. You are such a wonderful person, Okei!

    That made me laugh. Hope you have fun and take lots of pics! Spain! I wish I could go!

  6. So so so so so soooooooo lovely!
    Wow, dude! i could name name some of those... hah-hah-hahhh!
    Some i could guess?
    But really really really, this is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing! have a great holiday in Spain! I'll see you there? Hah-hah-hahhhh! well, who knows, huh?
    Take care, dude!
    God bless!

  7. I think this goes for you, buds:
    "There was a lady of New Delhi
    Who couldn't stand the rubbish on telly
    So she sat in a nook
    Got out a good book
    And read all the verses of Shelley."

  8. And Okei is my kind of dude
    Who gets things best well understood
    Always has a zest for finding stuff
    From East to West, and North to South!
    (not to mention 'a wizard in Math')

    Happy holiday, dude! See you back sometime!

  9. Thanks, buddy!

    I had a sneaking 'hope' (lol)...but New Delhi, instead of Mumbai, put me off track! Well then, he did say he doesn't know some of us well enough (or maybe he does know that that was where I was born/raised!).

    That's Very Sweet of you, okei!

    PS: I do recognise a Philipino (who found emeralds), and a Malaysian (who build dreamhouses!) :)

  10. giggle now now bro leave out those other ones u know ......giggle

  11. :)

    Thanks for the lovely limerick Lexie.... and indeed enjoying my holiday over in Spain.

    Jach, I knew you´d like these...

    Dryad, indeed! :)

    Param, I always thought you were from New Delhi for some reason, lol.

    Fire, much appreciation for your sweet messages!

    Cyn, I´ve taken lots of sunset photos... great ones over the sea! I look forward to sharing when I get back.

  12. hello mr.okei r u enjoying your trip sir ??lol ok i remember no sir ..hope u r enjoying it well nhaving great weathr to sight see ....take care n see u when u get back ...thinking of u :) byes for now

  13. Ooops, I meant sunrise photos, not sunset. I was on the East coast, north of Barcelona.

    Thanks for all your good wishes and comments Fire, Cyn and everyone. I'm back now! Now, how can I be sir and mr. at the same time? Lol, well I guess I am... if I just graciously accept the knighthood.

  14. LOL!
    Very Good!
    Thank You dear!

  15. Lol, love the ones from Laos and the West. :) I really like mine too, thank you! I feel honoured.